Thursday, October 21, 2010


I've been unhappy with how few pictures I've been taking of Caleb lately. I went a little camera crazy the other day. ;)

He really grows by leaps and bounds. He discovered his toes the other week. He's working harder on sitting up.

He also disregards all my begging for him to stop growing. He might be 4.5 months old now, but wears 9 month outfits! A doctor appointment earlier this month put him at 18 pounds and 12 ounces. I'm sure he's over 19 pounds now. My back would have given out a long time ago if it weren't for chiropractor visits. :)

Caleb is still breastfeeding. He shows no interest in food yet, even when we bring it within inches of his hands. But he does enjoy going after the keyboard when he sits in mine or Chris's laps.

I shall blame all future typos on him. ;)


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Close ups

Here's some close ups of the quilting on my mom's birthday quilt. I did something different in every row.

Playing with a tight wiggle
Loops and stars
Circles on a line (inspired by Christina's blog)

Vines and curls, the hardest row!
Big circles

Double loops
Tight meandering
Single loops with "mom" written in thread. It might look like "wow" in some spots. ;)

A wide open peacock swirl
Squares and corners
Connected loops

I really pushed myself out of the box on this quilt. I wanted to show my mom what I'm capable of free-motioning. She plans to "hire" me to finish her quilts. Yes, this is a shameless nudge!

It still cuddles just fine, even if it might not be perfect. :)