Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baby Life

This would sum up the events of the past week: baby fluids. :)

Some major spit-ups; several pee-on-mom incidents; a couple quilts mucked up with poop; and the carpet has received all three. :P

Thankfully he's cute most of the time, and we'll keep him. ;)

Chris and Caleb on Father's Day.

Me cuddling with Caleb.

Not too much later, he let out his biggest spit up yet. Covered him, my shirt and pants, the couch (so grateful that it's leather! Easy wipe up) and the carpet. I scared Chris pretty badly with my shriek. :P

We're getting really good at one-handed typing!

I like to make fun of Caleb when he sleeps with his mouth open and I'll mimic him.

I also tried to brush his hair into a mohawk.

Poor kid, but he won't remember any of this. ;)


Friday, June 18, 2010

My hands have been full

My hands have been full with this little guy! Although I suspect that he knows when I'm trying to blog and decides right there and right then he needs to be nursed, have a diaper change or takes a nap and I can't access my computer. :P

On Tuesday I went into my sewing room, dug up the acrylic paint and painted "100% Breastmilk" onto a plain white onesie. Tuesday is also the day I ditched my maternity clothes and put on my "fat pants". Today I'm wearing some normal and more snug capris! I'm absolutely thrilled how the weight is melting off of me right now.

Caleb did pull out the full stops on Monday, and managed to poop and pee on a quilt when I was trying to change him. And this is despite having a cloth diaper under his butt for "extra" protection. What can I do, but just laugh? ;)

One thing that surprises me is how we're using my quilts so much more. Lay one on the floor, put one at the changing station, have one next the recliner like above, toss another one on the couch. Gotta make more quilts... someday. :)


Friday, June 11, 2010

It's a boy!

Whew!! On Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 10:38am, I birthed Caleb. :)

The whole thing from the first contractions until he was out was just about 12 hours. I didn't even suspect that it could be real labor until I already hit 5 centimeters dilated. There were some rough moments - it was back labor and my hips were super tight. There's no doubt if I had a normal hospital birth, I would have ended up with a c-section. Instead, it was exactly the home birth I wanted, and I hardly tore either! No stitches needed. :)

I've been up and about, you'd think I gave birth a week ago, not 2 days. Nursing is going very well too, my milk came in today and Caleb's eating like a champ. And of course, has his days and nights mixed up. :P

He was born at 10 days overdue, 7 pounds 8 ounces and 21.5" long. He hardly cries and has been cuddle all day with my mom and sister that are visiting. :)


Sunday, June 06, 2010

I'm ready...

...but apparently the baby isn't. :P There was a little mistake on my part with the due dates. I've been saying all this time I was due on May 27th, but it's actually May 30th. All it means it that today is the start of 41 weeks.

Here's the baby's corner! Well, the ball and pool are for birthing. I pulled out all the 0-3 month clothes, all the newborn diapers and other baby stuff that we might need in the first few days. The gray bin holds cloth diapers, which will be used in a few weeks. There's also the bear quilt that a couple of my quilting friends made for me. The blocks say stuff like "Born to be wild", "Unbearably Cute", "I love bear hugs". The white and pastel crochet blanket is another gift from a church lady.

I think we're driving a lot of family members crazy with our laid back attitude about the baby's delay. It must be very roomy in my uterus or something. But just think, it's going to have a GREAT set of lungs! ;)


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lofty Goals

Nope, no baby yet... and I've reached the end of my limit on that! I finally said enough and started focusing on what I normally do, quilting. :)

It's going to a friend of mine, and the biggest hindrance was that I didn't feel like dragging the big roll of batting out. Not today! Got it out, and got 5 quilts paired with batting. Tomorrow's plan is to pin the quilt. I've already got the backing cut.

The full story of the baby is that Saturday night Chris and I decided that we wanted it to be born soon. We tried a plethora of "natural induction" methods... and obviously they failed. :P All I've got from it is a lower backache. But I could tell that I was getting incredibly cranky over trying so hard, so I said enough tonight. The baby will come when it comes. Given that Chris was a breech baby, and I was a very overdue one, I'll take overdue!

I'm still not that uncomfortable. I've weighed more than I do right now, about 3 years ago. My tummy doesn't feel like it's going to pop. I can breathe just fine, the baby has plenty of room to kick (like right now!)... so how about if I enjoy those last few days as I would normally live, instead of trying to push against nature?

I did figure making goals and announcing them on my blog might nudge the baby though. ;)