Monday, October 29, 2007

Gave me the giggles

In today's mail there was a notice from our (only) credit card company that they've raised our credit line up another $1,000.

Do you think they're getting nervous about the fact that our current cards expire on the 31st and we haven't activated the new ones yet? :D We're just lazy and haven't gotten around to activating it yet.

Maybe I better make that Connecting Threads order tomorrow, cuz I'm clean out of white thread now. Somehow I'm not motivated enough to consider activating the new card just for some thread, bit o' fabric and Judy L's new book. ;)


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another one to the list

Looks I have another antibiotic to add to the "allergic" list. :(

Not very itchy, but I'm flaming red, swollen and hot to touch. Hopefully this is the last time I'll get hives - it was about 15 years ago when I discovered that I'm allergic to penicillin. Now bactrim.

So I've been taking it easy and the only quilt-related thing I've done is curl up under them. :)


Monday, October 22, 2007

Drop out

I'm dropping out of my quilt guild's challenge. It's called "Someday Is Today" and you had to make the quilt that you've been wanting to do "someday". I knew *exactly* what I was gonna do. In July 2006 I cut a bunch of strips for making a Jewel Box quilt.

The sign up for the challenge was in February, but I got distracted by several other quilts to make and finish during that time. So I didn't start to tackle it until August. Then in August it was decided that my parents were gonna come and visit in September, and that my husband and I would visit them for a week in October. So that put me behind. It wouldn't have been a big deal, except I came home with a bad ear infection and took it easy.

So today I emailed the host of the challenge and let her know that I won't be joining. The quilt would need to be quilted, bound and labeled for me to admit it. I'm just cutting it too close and have been working harder at not adding quilting stress to my life! :)

I'm still happy - I finally got started on the quilt! Now just for some borders and I'm even thinking about trying to do feather quilting on it somewhere. But I'm going to enjoy finishing this quilt more at my leisure. Which means it'll likely get done faster... go figure! ;)


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mystery completed!

I finished Renee's mystery this afternoon. Woven Rings. Can you see the green and yellow circles?

The funny part is that somebody mentioned that it looked like those chairs/furniture with wood woven in small circles. I had to think hard (and back to the 1980s) about what she was referring to. But I had a nice laugh about the unintentional pattern. :)

I'm thinking I might add another "round" of blocks to the bottom and left side, so the green dominates. That will make it from 36" to 42".


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A month of Saturdays

I'm about a month behind in blogging, aren't I? :P

Saturday September 15, my parents were here. Below is a picture of them touring the Tombstone Courthouse.

It was a nice visit, but time flew by way too fast! At least I could rest in the knowledge that I would be seeing them again in 3 weeks.

Saturday September 22, we went to the in-law's house and celebrated my brother-in-law's 24th birthday.

Saturday September 29th was the wedding. I had spend the week helping prepare for the wedding. I put together the favor boxes (and fought to death with the printer!) and help set up the tables and such.

That morning my husband and I had to pick up the cake from the bakery. I had to carry it on my lap for the ride home. Every bump and wiggle made me wince! I didn't want to be responsible for the cake toppling!

Here's a picture of my husband the night before the wedding. Longish hair, beard... all has to go.

I gave him a hair cut Saturday morning and he shaved. Doesn't he clean up nicely? ;)

On the left is the newlyweds, my husband and his parents on the right.

And of course, there was the whole wedding itself! :)

Saturday October 6, I was flying over to my parents house.

Then I spent the whole week either dyeing fabric or preparing the house for my brother's Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

Saturday October 13 my dad wakes me up at 7am and I spent the next 5 hours typing and preparing the program for the Court of Honor. Then there was the whole event itself. Top of it all, I had to pack everything I could that night, cuz we were leaving Sunday morning. Whew. :)

But this Saturday? Mine! All mine! :D Hubby is away on a conference, and there's a mystery quilt on one of my groups. I'll be making the baby sized quilt and so far I think there's snowball blocks in it. With my hand dyed fabrics from last week, of course. ;)