Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not gestational diabetes!

The good news, I don't have gestational diabetes. I didn't think so with my blood sugar readings... but why did I get such a high number at the midwife's? Turns out that I was the first of 3 people to get unusually high readings, then she realized she needed to recalibrate her meter. I'm glad it's just a minor error, and not something actually wrong with ME. :)

But it did ramp up eating better in our household. Like pie for dinner. ;) That would be turkey pot pie, loaded with veggies.

Another night we had chicken corn chowder. Made with heavy cream, yum!

I'm not trying to do low fat at this point, I'm still one pound short of reaching my pre-pregnancy weight. I've only gained 17 of the 18 pounds I lost in the first trimester.

What to do with the leftover cream? Whip it up and add fruit, like blueberries.

It takes care of my cravings for sweets, without giving me a potential blood sugar spike from flour or sugar.

And sometimes we're just not feeling in the mood to do "real cooking" from scratch, and meals like this one get thrown together.

It's brown rice with some apple chicken sausage. Plus my water with liquid chlorophyll. I gotta take 2 tablespoons of that stuff everyday. It doesn't taste bad, but it stains my lips and teeth dark green. I love green... but not that much!

It feels good to know that I'm back on track with having a healthy pregnancy. :)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carpenter's Wheel Finished

Just taking a moment to show you the completed Carpenter's Wheel quilt that I gave teasers on a few weeks ago.

It shrunk down from 40" square to 38" after I washed it. I firmly believe that all baby quilts should be washed before gifted, sooner or later the baby will have an accident on it with frequent use. I don't want any poor parent secretly fussing "oh no! It shrunk, I better never let Leah see the quilt again, it would be hard to explain..." Nope, quilts should be given as they're going to get used and abused. :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Five favorites from the show

Just taking a minute to show my 5 favorite quilts from the annual quilt show. Five because that's how many pictures blogger lets me upload at once. :)

It's been a rough week, hence why I haven't blogged as much as I normally do. Last Wednesday I got a blood sugar reading of 189. The maximum number to have without raising a red flag was 140. Whoops!

So we started treating it like gestational diabetes. I bought a meter, strips and lancets. I began to test first thing in the morning and after every meal.

But no matter what I tried, or what carbs I added in, I couldn't get that high of a reading again. My numbers were very consistently normal - even after eating cherry cobbler. :P I would eat stuff that I was so sure that would give me a spike... and my blood sugar wasn't even 100.

I don't think I have gestational diabetes, but we're going to do the 3-hour glucose test to make sure. I even tried to recreate the food I had the day I received the 189, and I got a reading of 96. :) Nor do my numbers dip too low, another problem diabetics have.

It certainly ramped up my focus on good food and bumping exercise from 2-3 times a week, to physical activity every day. I haven't been feeling poorly, and the baby has been active as ever. Just a scare that caused us to get our butts into a higher gear.

Last Friday I was doing some sewing and my stomach started to hurt the more I sewed. After half an hour, I realized that I was sucking in my tummy because I was trying to get closer to the sewing machine! It's getting snug here. ;)


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Quilty Saturday

I started this Carpenter's Wheel towards the end of February, but didn't buck down to make progress until today.

I did modify it some, by making the blocks 5" finished so I would have a 40" quilt. I also put HSTs in the corners, instead of solid squares like the pattern shows.

Once the top was done... why not iron out a piece of backing? Then why not pin the quilt together while waiting for Chris to finish dinner? Hey, it's still early, I bet it won't take too long to quilt up either.

Then before you know it, it's covered with loops and the binding is sewn on too. Works for me! :)

The quilt is for a baby shower next week. I really want to get the binding done before Tuesday so I can wash it. Nothing like a soft cuddly quilt.