Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Haze

I feel like I'm in a Holiday haze these days. Mostly trying to get Christmas gifts done in time.

Below is a table runner that I need to sew down the binding. My first table runner! ;)

I also had a pretty successful trip to JoAnn's - got some yarn and knitting needles. I'm aiming for a blue scarf. Totally for me, it relaxes me to work with and doesn't risk me stabbing my husband with a needle. :P

I also got
- a 9.5" square ruler. I have a 12.5" one, but it's marked every 8th of an inch and it drives me nuts when I need a measurement smaller than 12.5". Now I'll be able to cut the 8" strips for Judy's November quilt easier. It'll also go good with Weed Whacker, Pineapple Blossom and Simple Cross
-new thread snippers. I've found myself wish I had 2 because I kept transporting my only one.
-bolt of Kona White fabric
-light blue background fabric for a swap I'm in (spring themed)
-and 10 yards 24 inches of white background fabric. That's right, more than 10 yards! The lady cutting it looked at the bolt twice, it's very odd to see more than 8 yards of fabric on JoAnn bolts. Best of all, I used my 50% off coupon, so it cost me a little over $16. :)

I have yams cooking in the oven right now, but we'll be having Thanksgiving at my in-law's. I'll be bringing my table runner and knitting to keep my hands busy.

Friday I'm hoping that there won't be any thing to tempt my husband to shop (like a laptop... still haven't gotten his computer fixed yet, but they will extend the warranty until it is). Maybe we'll have a Battlestar Galactica marathon. Definately gonna enjoy the 4-day weekend. :)

I'm also hoping to have Christmas Blues top completely pieced or Christmas Chaos quilted. Gotta keep pushing onwards! :)


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Headless Chicken Coming Through!!

What a crazy week... but before you get the blow-by-blow details, I'm showing my lone block progress.

Some of you might remember that I had a hard time deciding what green to use. I ended up going with my original choice and I'm happy with it. I need to get the other 11 blocks put together. Then I need to come up with a lighter green... which I have NO idea what I'll use. Maybe I'll find something workable when I go to Phoenix this weekend. :)

A week ago Tuesday, my husband discovered that the "menu" button doesn't work anymore on the iPod. It's stuck on my playlist. And he hates my music. :P I suggested that he try updating the iPod again, and maybe that would straighten things out? Problem is that he can't find the uploading cord. We were gonna borrow one of his siblings, long enough to update...

But then his computer died. Completely dead. Won't power on one whit. His warranty expires on the 20th of this month to boot. It's a high end gaming computer... let's put it this way, it cost about 4 times as much as I paid for my sewing machine. :P We think it's the power source, and they are supposed to be sending us a new one, but if that doesn't fix the problem, then are we stuck with a dead computer because the warranty expired? Or will we be able to get them to continue to work with us because we reported the problem before the warranty expired? Oh, the suspense...

It all makes me exceedingly nervous for my poor 3+ years old computer. I'm perfectly happy with what it can do, I don't ask for more. I don't do gaming stuff, I'm a simple gal. :) But... don't die on me!

Top of it all... somebody's been trying to break into my bank account. I access it online occationally and somebody's been trying to use my user name and access it. Once they enter the password in wrong three times, it shuts down that user and makes you have to jump through hoops to reestablish a new password. Well, it happened twice in 4 days! The second time was on Saturday the 11th and I gave up - the bank was closed so I was stuck worrying about the account until Monday. I ended up getting a new user name... and thank God, our money wasn't touched... they must have known that my husband had a few extra bucks from his Christmas "bonus" money.

Toss in a few appointments, trying to get ready for the wedding this weekend, get the master shopping list for stocking up at Costco and Trader Joe's, get my car ready for the long drive... I'm sure you get the idea! :P I'm still sewing here and there, but I just feel so behind with my internet life! I have 279 bloglines to catch up on!

Cluck, cluck!


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hard to believe

...but this is what 300 2" squares look like. :)

And that's my progress so far on Judy's quilt. I still haven't exactly decided which green I want to use around the blocks. I had one green in mind, but when I was pulling it out, another green grabbed my eye. So naturally I haven't decided yet. :P

It's been a nice easy week for me - spent lots of time with my husband. Makes me feel like I'm falling in love with him all over again. :) Hey, he cooked dinner tonight, I'm gonna keep him. ;)

I found out that we're going to a wedding the weekend before Thanksgiving. At least I'll have a chance to do some shopping - I want to go to JoAnn's, Trader Joe's, Costco and a new place called Sprouts. The best part is the hotel we're staying at is just a few exits away from JoAnn's, the best I've ever seen. They actually had several rolls of Warm and Natural last year when it was on sale for $3.99/yard. Shocking! I've seen too many JoAnn's not keeping a good stock of supplies to correspond with their sales. :P

And it's my birthday next Sunday! I'm gonna be 24. We'll be celebrating at my in-law's - yummy dinner of tacos and apple cobbler. And I'm hoping for a few gift cards to JoAnn's (I think my mother-in-law was just in Tucson)... just in time for my little shopping trip! ;)