Saturday, December 30, 2006

All is calm...

Whoo! I survived. I went to California with 4 quilts instead of 5 - one uncle and his family weren't able to make it, due to strep throat.

I gave my dad the Christmas Chaos quilt - he looks pretty happy, doesn't he? :)

For Pops, my grandfather, I made him "There's a Dog on my Quilt!" I was up until 5am Friday morning sewing the binding on - figuring I could do the handsewing part in the car.

My mom actually helped me sew the binding down - while I was sewing the binding on my husband's quilt! :P

The dog is based on Pops' airedale terrier dog that my parents bought him as a birthday/Christmas gift 4 years ago. She's still a pretty hyper thing for somebody who's 4 now. ;)

I made the tongue flappable, I think it's my favorite part of the whole quilt. :)

Pops has opened and is checking out the quilt. Each 9-patch uses a different fabric. I managed to make the entire quilt except for the light brown "fur" part all out of my stash.

My baby sister Sarah and Aunt S are checking out the quilt with Pops.

Sarah also gave me a belated birthday gift, a webcam! Now we'll be able to "see" each other online - we won't be talking, but signing! I'm thilled, I hate how rusty my signing has become. I just need to hook it up now. :P


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Panic!

Well, blogger invited me to switch... and here I am! :D Yup, I was having trouble commenting on other blogs. Felt like I kinda lost my "voice" in blogland.

I'm also reaching "full blown Christmas panic" levels... We're leaving Friday for my uncle's house, so I don't have 10 days left, I have 7.5 right now! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

One quilt is done ('cept for the label)... 4 more to go! :O

And I got Christmas blues into a top. The backing is sewn too... now need to pin!

Just to give you an idea how much I've been working/sewing/panicking... last night I was ironing the rows of the Christmas blues quilt and the power went out! Turns out we blew a fuse. :P I can't really blame my husband cuz he was doing what he does every night... so it's probably my fault, cuz I had the sewing machine, iron, computer and bright light on.

Speaking of lights... the desk lamp I have behind my sewing machine burned out it's light bulb. Of course I don't have any *40 watt* bulbs on hand. That left me sewing in a pretty dark spot or turning on my big bright room lamp. I'm too busy to go to the store and buy light bulbs! Maybe tomorrow. :)


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's all about the numbers

Number of...

-days I last posted: 14
-quilts I completed: 1... sorta. Do table runners count? ;)

-colds my husband has gotten: 1
-colds I have gotten: 0 Whoo! :D
-people I need to have Christmas gifts for: 22
-quilts being made for gifts: 5
-and of those 5 that are done: 0
-quilt tops done: 1... sorta. I need to put on one round of borders.

I hope my husband hasn't guessed, since I HAVE worked on the quilt when he was home. :)
-of minds I have lost: 1 out of 1... I want to quilt his quilt with extra high loft batting and polar fleece backing. All on my regular sewing machine. Hello? Hello? Why are you all running away? :P

So yes... little bit hetic this month. And I signed up for World of Warcraft so I can play with my husband. Somehow I've managed to play over 15 hours in a week and a half.

Oh shoot! I just realize that I don't have 19 days to complete the quilts, but only 17. We're likely leaving on the 23rd to meet up with my family. Eh, I can sew binding in the car! :D And do you think I could convince my husband to drive slower?

Is there any question at all why I'm going insane? :P