Friday, January 27, 2006

Down, Down, Down!

I did it! I got a UFO finished in time and I wasn't made queen. It's was a looooooong fall. I think I dropped down almost 100 names. At least I shouldn't have to worry for a few weeks! :)

This is the finished Pineapple Log Cabin quilt. I've included the $20 so you can get an idea of the size, and most everybody can agree on the size of dollar bills, while my hand is a pretty unknown variable. ;)

I really regret using batik for the binding... my finger tips killed me! And I couldn't find my needle gripper so I had to borrow my teeth once or twice. But I'm done! That's what counts. I'm thinking about hanging it above my computer. It's good eye candy for quilters. :)

I'm enjoying my few days alone; listen to lots of music, cooking up meals that my husband won't eat, getting to sprawl out in the bed. Going to bed when I want to. But I'll be glad to have him back, I don't like being alone... it's lonely! I'd probably feel better if I had a dog though. :)

A girl's gotta rant sometimes: things have been kinda steamy on the Stashbuster list lately - apparently too many off-topic subjects coming up. Ok, I can understand why you want to keep this list to quilty-related subjects, but I feel like the List Mom is being over-harsh about it. She sent an email last evening saying that any more off-topic postings will result in being kicked off the group. About 12 hours later she announces that she's kicked 7 people off. Yikes!! I feel like she's being unfair because what if some people read the messages from the website and they reply as they go, so what if they haven't read the List Mom's warning yet? And boom! Find themselves kicked off with no logical reason. Now probably half of us on the group are "trembling with fear" of accidently saying something non-quilt related and getting the boot. Ahh, well, such is life and it's her list. If I don't like it, I can always leave. :)

Today's plan to cut more strips to "feed" my stash - and I'm also cutting 2.5" X 6" logs as I go, so I can make two more Pioneer Braid strips. I also got Kabnet Wax Paper at Costco yesterday and the Tri-Rec Tools ruler at JoAnn's. So there's always string quilts and Faceted Jewels to make! :)



Bonnie said...

You were braver than I!! I didn't name the name of the list! I really think she just needs to change the replying wouldn't believe what a difference that makes!

And no matter what I post, I am usually sure to mention the quilty stuff at the top of the post, and the other stuff at the bottom (but that didn't happen with the massage post! ACKK!)

Your pineapple turned out SO GREAT!

tami said...

I love miniatures. Your quilt is beautiful.

I'm on the Stashbuster list too, but haven't posted yet. Now I'm afraid to. I love the motivation I get from the group and I would hate to get kicked off.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Tiny! I mis-read your previous post and thought each block was 12.5", not the entire quilt!!! The $20 bill is a great illustration. Guess you are one happy camper to try batik binding on a minature instead of a big quilt! The entire quilt looks really great.

I'm on Stashbuster list too, but don't post alot. I do reply to posts once in awhile so people know I'm there, but I am not a "chatter".



quiltpixie said...

WOW, the dollar bill really puts the quilt in perspective. Way to go not being crowned, and now you ahve a wonderful little piece to enjoy day in and day out!

Sharon said...

I just absolutely adore your tiny pineapples. Or should I say pineapplet? LOL!

And don't worry about that list - all lists have their life cycles, been there done that. I say if you have to worry about what you post, then it's not fun anymore, is it? As long as we can just all play together nicely, we can be happy! And that's what I think!

And in *my* book - you ARE queen, just for getting the pineapplet done in those teensy tinesy pieces! I bow down to you.....

Finn said...

Congrats on NOT being Queen Leah, so glad you squeezed through on that one..*VBS*

Love the wall hanging..definitely worth all the work. Great job!!

Quayquilter said...

We've had various warnings about off topic posts as there are so many of us stashbusters so I was grateful when Vivian butted in - she has tried polite reminders only recently and must get exasperated.
As long as we write about our craft we won't get kicked off.
I love your pineapples scrappy but unified. Well done!
Mary in Canterbury Uk

kjquilts said...

I belong to stashbusters too. I also got unsubscribed for congratulating Bonnie and making a joke about getting a free massage! I rarely ever post and was surprised plus got my feelings hurt since I really love the list. I was subscribed again but I doubt I'll be posting much in the future. I like casual forums where I can get to know the whole person as a quilter. Too much moderating takes all the fun out of it.

Dawn said...

WOW! That pineapple quilt is unbelievable! You did a great job! I didn't realize it was so small! I"m glad you took this pic with the $20 bill - That is amazing!

Patti said...

Hi Leah, I'm enjoying reading through your blog. I just had to comment on this message. I was on Stashbusters for almost 3 years, but left because I couldn't tolerate the list mom's attitude any more. I was on the UFO challenge for the second year. I wrote a message to Sandy and Vivian telling them I was quitting and that I'd really enjoyed their challenge, but I just didn't enjoy the list any more. I miss many things about it, but not the list mom.