Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sneak peek of quilting room!

Ahh, finally, we're getting somewhere. My quilting room is 75% set up. We've made 4 or 5 car loads and 99% of all it went to this room! :D

This picture is from standing in the doorway. The table set up is going to be used as a cutting table - I just need to find some way to raise up the legs. I've thought about bricks, but that'll be very painful to stub my toes on!

Left of the cutting table will be another table exactly like it for my sewing machine.

Below is going to be where my computer and printer will be. My computer table is about the size of the green bin in the picture. I conveniently have a cable hook-up right where the black fabric is.

Here's a view standing by the closet. I have the just-right amount of room to stand and comfortably turn between the ironing board and cutting table. I'm also thinking about hanging a piece of warm and natural batting above the ironing board for a mini design wall.

And see that white little box on the cutting table? In there are my good scissors and rotary cutter!!!!!!!!! Found! I'm so relieved. But I had to spend overnight without a clue where they might be! Not fun. :)

And you might as well see the "damage" I've been doing to the closet - stuffing it with fabric! This is the first time I've ever had most of my fabric all in one spot.

I had one of those "yikes" moments when I saw just how much fabric I have. Think I'll be able to make a quilt or two? ;) But I had to go to Bonnie's Stash page and to Ami Simm's Show me your stash to make me feel better - I don't have it THAT bad. :) But it was a little wake up call that perhaps I need to shop my stash first before buying anymore!

Hee hee - I think I've been posting more because I'm trying to avoid packing. Realistically I've been getting one car load over every night - when it's cool enough! My husband goes back home after unloading the car with me and I stay and unpack and organize. Doing it little by little has made this whole move not as overwhelming as it could be.

I know I won't allow myself to sew until we're all moved in - and with a room like that, I have great motivation to keep packing! Maybe I'll turn on my machine next week! :)

Other things happening today:
-bake some brownies cuz it's my husband's official birthday today
-pay bills and give change of address
-grade a test (160 students) that needs to be done by Thursday
-start to clean up where my sewing stuff used to be - TONS of little thread and fabric snips
-and pack. Have I mentioned that? ;)



computerpeach said...

Way to go!! An idea for raising the table - PVC pipe. That is what my grandma did to one of those longer banquet type tables. buy some that is just a tad larger around than the legs and as long as you want to add to (I would measure from the cross-posts down and then how much extra to make it taller) stick it in the legs and voila!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Hey, it is looking very homey in that sewing room already! You are making great progress (and I like to unpack my sewing stuff first too).



Serena said...

Looks wonderful, so far!! You've made really great progress!

Don't panic on your fabric stash, I hate to say this, but mine is bigger than yours!! I definetly need to shop my bookcases of fabric first!! :)

Dawn said...

Oh your quilting room is wonderful! And I have a solution for raising your table! The cheap way is to cut some plastic PVC pipe the extra height you need and they slip over the bottom of the legs of the table (they stop where the bar is). They make and sell table raisers like that, but you can do it yourself. Hmmm, wonder if I can find a picture?

Dawn said...

I knew I could find some pics for you so you would see - I'm not good at explaining it.... Enjoy! And dream of your new higher tables!

quilt_mommy_2001 said...

Wow you do have oodles of fabric. Lol* I only wish I did...my mini-stash is growing...but I use it up pretty fast too! :)

I see an awfully pretty tulip quilt in there...hehehe...and by the way...I think you are most definitely a *beyonder*. :)

Finn said...

Oh Leah! I have goosebumps just reading about your new sewing room...such a marvelous space and there you are...getting it all set up!!! That is sooooo exciting! You've done so well with the little corner you sewed in, I can't even imagine how productive you'll be with a whole room!!!

The stash looks fabulous in it's own closet finally...lots of goodies to work with!! Just keep packing, it'll all get done eventually. Hugs, Finn

Serena said...

Thank you so much for the photo tips on my blog!! I tried that and it works great!! I'm so excited!!

paula, the_quilter said...

Your new space looks marvelous! And I agree on the PVC pipe for leg extendors. I work a large sculpture show every summer and we vary the height of our tables with the PVC. And the tables are sturdy enough with the extendors to hold several hundred pounds of bronze sculpture. Oh, BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. /paula

Lily said...

Hey Leah you're doing a great job with the unpacking. Wow what a sewing room! You're very lucky to have your own room - although by the looks of things you really need the space!!

LOL at your stash looking so much bigger now it's all in the one place :)