Saturday, May 27, 2006

Uh oh

Hi! From the new apartment! Some good news, some bad news.

Bad news #1 The internet hasn't been cooperating for BOTH computers - something to do with the router? So currently my husband's computer has been the one connected. We're hoping to fix it tomorrow when his brother comes, but only time will tell! And to think that we used to share one computer successfully... :D

Bad news #2 My right hearing aid hasn't been working right. I'm hoping it's just a little dirty or something and can find a place to professionally clean it... but in the meantime I'm doing without and counting my blessings that my left ear is my good ear!

Bad news #3 Having expanded basis cable on the TV is causing me to park my butt on the couch too much! Especially since I don't have internet access on my computer. But... good news #1 should help fix that.

Good news #1 I can sew! I bought the other table today, set up my machine and I'm all set! I still need to get PVC for the table raisers (and I'll take pictures and tell you about my progress) but I'm thrilled to actually use my room - also thrilled that between the table and the PVC pipe, it shouldn't cost me more than $50 for "upgrading" my own sewing room!

Good news #2 All the big bad heavy stuff have been moved. Two days early too! Now just need to get the little bits of junk out and grand clean out the old place.

Good news #3 I can sew! Hey, it's worth repeating. And I also got the iPod set up, so I can listen to my music! Another blessing is that the arrangement of the iHome player is next to my LEFT ear... very important.

So, might be a few more days before I can get back into regular posting and being caught up on my messages... but I'm a hopeful girl! :)



Lily said...

Well the good news outweighs the bad so there's a good sign!!

Congrats on all systems go (apart from the net of course). Hope you get your ears sorted out :) At least your iPod's on the right side.

Great stuff on getting your apartment all sorted out. When's the housewarming party? LOL

anne bebbington said...

Great to hear you're getting sorted out - hope the hearing aid is easily fixed

Obviously most importantly you've sorted out your sewing area - well done

The rest will come - eventually


Helen in the UK said...

All these difficulties will be overcome. Hope the hearing aid is easily and quickly sorted. Great to hear that your new room is up and running - very exciting :)

Finn said...

It's all falling into place so well, a job almost done...I'm cheering for ya!!

I think this new place and sewing room are just wonderful..Hugs, Finn

Serena said...

Wonderful that you can finally sew!!!! :)

Dawn said...

Oh very good news! Can't wait for you to get back to sewing and caught up! We miss you!