Friday, July 28, 2006

Back home again

I'm back home... as of yesterday. But I was waaaaaaaaaaaay too tired to even think about posting. In fact I fell asleep on my bed, fully dressed. My husband eventually woke me up so I could take my contacts out. I had one heck of a time trying to undo my bra strap - I was just too tired. I was ready to cry and my arms were about to fall off and I finally called my husband to help me. Even he had trouble getting it to unsnap. I started to wonder what the plane ride did to my clothes... then he got it off. Phew. I'll keep him after all. ;)

I just finished uploading 161 pictures! I'm interested in staying sane, so I'll be doing certain amounts/groups when I post, and certainly not all at once! But definately some goodies and quilt-related stuff. :)

Below is another picture of Mrs. P and the quilt I finished for her. I tried so hard to upload this picture in my previous post, but blogger just stomped their foot and told me no way. While the photo is a little more blurry, it's more true, color-wise. And I got to crop it. I couldn't find the crop option on my parent's laptop and it was driving me mad. :P

So... I'm slowly trying to catch up. I've whittled my email from about 800 to 529. A lot of deleting. I did a lot of errands today too. The electric bill was due TODAY (and I'll bet the bill came on the day we left too...) so I went to the post office, electric company, dropped off a bag of clothes to the thrift store, library, bank, walmart, the store and paid rent! Are you tired yet? ;)

When I came home, my husband wasn't there, but some potatoes were cooking. Turns out he felt like grilling up some steaks, especially since he got some new BBQ'ing tips from my dad on our vacation. They turned out really great! And he also had great timing. Not more than 15 minutes after he finished grilling the meat, the clouds started pouring out heavy rain for a while. But check out my husband! ;)

Definately a keeper - he took pictures of me when I was dyeing fabric with my mom and I was a wreck! I even accidently dyed my bra. :P Let's just say I now have a permanent "dyeing" outfit. :D



Sweet P said...

A dyeing outfit huh? Sounds like you had a lot of fun on your trip.

Linda_J said...

Leah, your husband is good lookin' fellow and helpful too.

I have had better luck with uploading pictures and especially multiple shots by using Picassa--it is a free download and has all those picture editing tools plus blends seamlessly with blogger. I don't know if it is the slow dial up speed or what but blogger button didn't ever seem to want to work and this has lessened the frustration level considerably. Just a thought! I know I am not the only one using it

Nancy said...

Welcome home Leah! I've missed you and look forward to hearing more about your vacation. Especially the dyeing. I love TOT fabrics and can't always find the shade I want. So I've decided maybe I'll try my hand at dyeing my own. It will have to wait until this fall since it's WAAAAYYY to hot around here to do anything outside for another few months. Besides I joined Vicky's August no-buy challenge so I have to wait until Sept to get the PFD fabric. I'm sure come late Sept/early Oct I'll be looking for hints and tips.

Shelina said...

Welcome back. Yes you are making me tired with all these errands you ran and all the emails to delete.
My electric and other utilities are automatically deducted from my checking account, so they are always paid on time. I'm a big fan of electronic and online banking. No driving around, no paying for postage, fast to input payments, and the money is generally sent electronically so it gets there faster.
Maybe your husband needs more practice unsnapping your bra. :)

Dawn said...

I"m so glad your back! I missed your posts! But am glad you had fun, I sure don't envy trying to catch up. Heck I can't even catch up and I"m not even on vacation!

I can't wait to see the pics!

We had steaks tonight too - fresh from butchering. So we now have a fully stocked freezer of beef. And we also had fresh sweet corn right off the stalk! MMMMM

Laura said...

Glad you made it home safely! It is so hard to come home after being away for awhile and doing all those have to do errands. Looking forward to seeing your dyeing!

Serena said...

Glad you had a good trip and made it home! Whenever I are gone, there are always so many things to catch up on...bills, appts., email, seems to take forever to get back into a normal schedule! :)