Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yesterday was my second wedding anniversary. Whoo!! This is my favorite wedding picture of the two of us. I know we're just laughing at the weird positions the photographer was making us do... but we just look all glowy and happy. :)

He gave me a humorous anniversary card that I'm going to keep forever. :) We went out to lunch at Applebee's and he complimented on my new capri's - that sure made my day! (And after lunch, I bought myself another pair. :D)

The other news is that I've been working on Mrs. P's quilt. I believe I'll be seeing her this Saturday, so I want the quilt to be done before then. She started it over 15 years ago! Time for it to be finished. :)

She originally was doing the quilt-as-you-go block method. I have an idea how that works, but I just couldn't figure out how to add the borders. Then when I was inspecting the blocks, I noticed that the backing fabric was looking pretty chewed up where the thread was. I took a wild guess that it was sewn with 100% polyester thread. It bothered me - the quilt hasn't even been used and it is already developing holes. :(

So I went ahead and undid all the blocks she had sewn (9 of them) and redid all the blocks (20). I felt so much better knowing that her quilt could have a longer life now. I also bought new cotton backing for the quilt.

Here I'm trying to pin the quilt - I could only do half at a time! I pinned it every 7 inches. Crossed my fingers and hoped for no puckers!

I started quilting it about 4:30 this afternoon and with lots of breaks, I was about halfway done at 8:30. Then I started to really tackle it and got the other half of the quilt done at 9:30. Things that make you go hmmmm! ;)

It's about twin sized, maybe a little short in length, but definately wide enough. I still can't believe I got it quilted in one day!

And here's the back - would you believe I found the same fabric the darkest/last logs are in the quilt top? I was dropping my jaw, this quilt is over 15 years in the making, what are the odds of me finding matching fabric?! And the more funny part, the selvage said "Copyright 1990". Ohhhh. :P

But whew... I started this on Monday, July 3rd and I'll likely be done on Friday. That's gotta be the fastest quilt I've done! And the good news is that it's looking pucker-free. :)

Busy days ahead - tomorrow I need to get the binding on and start hand sewing that down. I need to buy some ant bait so we don't come back home to an ant-filled apartment. I need to make some copies of paperwork for my dad. I want to buy a new bathing suit. :) Oops, lets not forget packing. Mustn't forget the quilts or the dyeing stuff... think a list would help me? ;)

Friday we leave for Phoenix and will land in California around 10pm. I'll be tired! Saturday is my brother's Court of Honor, where he gets awarded his Eagle Scout ranking.

So who knows when I'll be posting again. I'm definately bringing my camera with me, so at least there should be fun photos later. :)



computerpeach said...

Happy Anniversary! The quilt looks great - and it is amazing that you found the same fabric - must have been destined for you to do so. Hope you have a safe & happy trip!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Happy Anniversary! That is a wonderful photo of you 2.

You did a great job on the quilt and that really is amazing to find the same fabric after all these years!

Have a safe and fun trip.



joyce said...

Great story about the quilt. What are the odds of finding the same backing! Do you have a long arm machine? I think not, so I am truly impressed with your speed.

Dawn said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that wedding picture of you and DH! You have such a wonderful glow about you!

And Mrs P's quilt is wonderful! And your doing a great job quilting it! man how lucky to find the same fabric for the back! It was meant to be!

Helen in the UK said...

Happy anniversary. Also big congrats on quilting the whole quilt in a day - your shoulders/arms must be sore?! It is going to turn out beautifully :)

Shelina said...

Happy anniversary. That quilt has got quite a story. Maybe you can document it in the label. :)
You have done a great job salvaging it, and the quilting is beautiful.

Maya Madhavan said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anne K. said...

I'll join the others in saying Happy Anniversary!!!! And I love the Log Cabin - you did a great job on it. Do you have tips on keeping LC blocks nice and square? I swear, I avoid doing LC quilts, even though I love them, because mine always seem to be a bit off-kilter even though I'm excruciatingly careful with 1/4-inch seams and straight cutting! Share any tips when you can, and thanks!!

fabricmom said...

You did a great job. Looks beautiful. And that was very nice of you to take her blocks apart and redo them. i am sure she will love it. I would love to attempt a LC quilt. i just haven't had the time. Too many projects going on at one time I guess. But it is on the list. Have a great trip. Happy anniversary a day late. LOL. :)

quilt_mommy_2001 said...

Oh I love this quilt Leah! I have been sort of on quilting hiatus...but happy to be again ispired with your beautiful log cabin. :) That's awesome too that you found matching fabric - REALLY cute fabric too!