Friday, August 25, 2006

All quilted up

Yay! I got to post my pictures directly to blogger and not have to go through Picasa. The problem with Picasa was that it seemed to resize my photos and I know how much quilters enjoy close up of stuff. :)

Anyhow, I'm officially all done with the free-motion quilting for my aunt's quilt. Right on schedule. :)

Here's a close up of one block. I free-handed the hearts. I like how they're all a little bit unique, but give off a feeling of love. :)

Now it's onward to the binding! Mustn't forget to take step-by-step photos - it's so nice when I see quilting methods explained with pictures, that's what I understand the best. And anytime there's a newbie on the Yahoo groups asking how to do bindings, I can just point to them to my page and hope that it adds to their understanding.

Today I woke up with a sore throat. Bleh. You can blame my husband. And he'll blame a student. :P I'm still hopeful that it won't turn into sniffles too. Gotta love the internet - I'm free to interact, post and chat with everybody and nobody's going "eww... I hope I don't get her sore throat..." :)

Hrmm. Start the binding or get some ice cream? Not a hard one... ;)



Hedgehog said...

What a beautiful quilt! Congrat on finishing the quilting - I love the hearts!

Helen in the UK said...

This is a beautiful quilt - love the quilt design too :)

Sweet P said...

I love this quilt - I've probably already said that. But I do love the colors in it and your quilting is awesome!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great for you for being - right on schedule! Looks super-fab - you did a great job and putting hearts where you did was really sweet!



Linda_J said...

looks wonderful, Leah! Ice cream hands down, I'm guessing?

My husband has ice cream almost every night and me, rarely but when I got a free liter of root beer and cheap vanilla ice cream you can almost tell where we headed the other night! Root beer floats and a couple weeks back, tiny banana splits.

Melzie said...

That is very beautiful. I hope your sore throat is very short lived :) xoxo melzie

cher said...

this is quite a beautifully quilted quilt...your aunt is going to be one lucky woman!

Dawn said...

Oh get the ice cream first! Your quilting looks wonderful! What a really fun quilt. Wait till you see what I"ve been playing with. Haven't finished a thing, only playing this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm just seeing this, it is simply gorgeous! I love the batiks!