Friday, August 18, 2006

End in sight!

Thanks to Linda who suggested that I try Picasa to upload photos. Looks like I'll actually have my photos without going through Flickr. :)

While hunting for some more white fabric to do my 6th hour, a whole bunch of quilt tops were getting in my way. So I stacked them up, just to see how many I had. :)

I think there's a least a dozen. There's one still in blocks cuz I haven't decided if I should make 1 or 2 quilts with it and there's one still in rows cuz I hate pinning... probably more than anything. I'd rather have mismatched points that pin.

Not too much added to the quilt top, only a white border all around it. It was a little slow sewing those borders on because I needed to watch which way the 2" block's seam folded so I wouldn't have twisted seams.

But I did get all the borders ironed and cut. Next will be green with purple HSTs corners, and then a purple border. I've also cut out enough green for a binding. I really expect to see the completed top tomorrow. :)

Tonight for dinner we BBQ'ed a London Broil... eh, and it didn't turn out the best. But lucky me, I got it on sale, so it was only $6, instead of $17. Including the potatoes, it comes down to $3.25 per person, still cheaper than eating out. :)

Tomorrow we're going to Tucson. We'll go to Costco (we need to stock up soooooooo bad! We're almost all out of meats) and we'll swing by JoAnn's cuz I have three 50% off coupons! Since my husband is with me this time, hopefully I'll get at least 2 bolts of background fabric. Or maybe I'll get lucky and not run into that drill sergeant lady and get to use up all my coupons. :P Oh! Mustn't forget to grab some 90/14 Schmetz needles for free-motioning, they're 50% off. :)

Can you tell I'm a sucker for deals? ;)

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Helen in the UK said...

This top is turning out really great (although I guessed it would!) This 1 hour a day is really giving you results :)
PS: Good luck with your bargain hunting!

Sweet P said...

Your top is looking great! I have a thought about Jo-Anns - since you have to drive so far and they send out coupons to save money on-line why not use those coupons to purchase some of the items from them? With the rising cost of gas it might be worth checking out. Just a thought.

Nancy said...

Your top is coming right along. I'm a bit behind you. I don't expect to see a finished top until Sunday or maybe Monday depending on what David has planned for this weekend.

Linda_J said...

Looking good, Leah! Soon you will have another to add to the stack of tops. You mentioned getting some needles to free motion so you must plan on quilting some in the pile?

QuiltingFitzy said...

Your color choices are outstanding Leah!

Did you marinate the London Broil first? I use Italian Salad dressing and make slits in the meat across the grain to help tenderize. (The guy at the meat counter can run it thru the tenderizer machine too, if you ask.)

Don't forget to hand one of those coupons to dh!

Melzie said...

I really like picasa also :) Seems like my blog updates faster too! Your quilt is looking great :) what you going to do with it? xoxo melzie

ForestJane said...


I like the combination of green and purple, if you hadn't guessed already. :)

Dawn said...

Oh I am just loving those blocks with the blocks around them! But I love lime green and purple anyway! It looks wonderful!