Thursday, August 17, 2006

Forth Hour

Yikes! I've been having a horrible time trying to upload pictures onto blogger. I'm starting to suspect it was some automatic Windows update that happened yesterday. Don't know how to get around it yet, or if it's just blogger itself... So I resorted to uploading through Flickr, please tell me if it causes my sidebar to do wonky things.

Below is the accomplishments of Wednesday's 1-hour sewing. I didn't get any sashing cut, but still pleased with my progress. :)
Hour a day block
So today's plans will be to do the sashing and sew that on. Tomorrow should be borders... and dare I hope to have a quilt top? At the worse, I'll have a quilt top Saturday, which will be my 7th hour.

I really wanna thank Judy for inspiring us to do at least an hour a day. I plan to keep up with this even after I'm done with this quilt - whether it be my own projects or if Judy entices us with another one. This has been so much fun and I get to go to bed feeling productive everyday! :)

I also wanna give a shout-out to Bloglines. It's totally free and you don't even need to have a blog to use it. You add the blogs you enjoy reading and then it will check them for you. I'm loving it because I have litterally cut hours off of my computer time by not needing to search every blog by hand... only to find that they haven't updated. I currently have 98 blogs on my list! :P And the extra hours also give me more time to comment on other people's blogs, which I'm sure they don't mind. ;)

Just wondering, has anybody been doing their sew-for-an-hour-a-day in the mornings? I'm just not interested in turning my sewing machine on before noon and usually find myself doing my hour between 5 and 8 in the evenings. I like to hear about what works for each quilter, never can get enough ideas and tips! :)



Nancy said...

Your quilt is moving right along!

Since I work days during the week I'm limited to sewing at night. I try to get in the sewing room by 8pm so I can get my hour in and not be up too late. Now if I didn't work I'd probably sew in the afternoon as that's when I tend to sew on the weekends. Mornings are usually reserved for housework (what little I do!) as my back and legs handle the physical activity better in the morning before I get too tired.

Melzie said...

Your blocks look awesome I really wish I had had a better week LOL.

Bloglines are a lifesaver (I have 139 blogs LOL we should compare notes and swap names.)

I typically sew the most between about 7-9, thats when my special needs son is occupied in a bathroom routine, and the sewing room is right off that so I sorta keep him company :) But now that school started I find myself hurrying thru the housework early and sewing little bits thru the day too!

Sorry for the long response ;) xoxo melzie

Mama Koch said...

My machine doesn't come on before details must come first. I also like bloglines...saves a lot of time and lets me keep up with everybody (well, most of the time anyway)

Gail said...

You are making great progress, and I love purple, so it is looking really good to me. I sew whenever I can steal away. Most of the larger blocks of time are in the evening, when I would just be watching TV-if there was anything on. This is the first 'repeat season' that I have actually enjoyed!!! That'll teach them, I may watch a whole lot less come the new season if they can't come up with something that really grabs me.

Linda_J said...

Very pretty, Leah!

I have been having good luck with Picassa--so many seem to find bloggers uploads disappointing so why even bother if you have an alternate route!

computerpeach said...

I generally have to sew at night after my husband gets home from work. If I don't, then things like what happened today happen with my kids: The blinds get cut and doll's hair gets cut - or I generally have a huge mess to clean that it isn't worth it to try and sew when he is not home. Whatever stress the sewing has undone is done up three times as bad when I discover the messes/chaos that ensues if I try to sew during the day without my DH home.

Susan H. said...

Wow! Great progress on the quilt. I love your choice of colors.

Lizzy said...

Wow you have so much done already.
I love the green you used.