Sunday, August 13, 2006

Full steam ahead!

Well, that new rotary blade sure did the trick! I spent another 2+ hours cutting and ironing today. Not a bad pile of ends and trimmings. ;)

I worked on a pattern called The Simple Cross. It's from Fons & Porter's Sept/Oct 2000 magazine. I was flipping through it again while I was in the bathroom and given the slump I was in, I figured a new quilt that was EASY to do might be a good idea. How many of you get inspiration from the bathroom? :D

The directions called for 2.5" scraps and 4.5" centers. I felt like that was just gonna be too big. So I drew up my own size on the graph notebook I recently bought. You can see that I boo-boo'ed on the bottom block and accidently colored the center. Better the paper than the actual block! :P

I'm planning for 42 blocks... but that might be a little big. I haven't really worked out the math on what the finished size would be. At this point I don't care, I'm sewing!! :)

No color should show up more than 4 times in the entire quilt. Almost a charm quilt. ;) But I'm feel great and satisfied now. Please remind me the next time I'm in a slump... to check the rotary blade! :P

Off to take a shower! :)



joyce said...

Dull rotary blades are the worst. My big one is dull right now and I always have to snip threads that don't cut. And it tires your arm to put so much pressure on. Gotta get a new one too.

computerpeach said...

I need to replace my rotary blade also - thanks for reminding me! The quilt is going to look great.

cher said...

way to go and get out of your slump! these blocks really look great

Linda said...

The blocks look great! I have two of the fabrics you used in your picture. I think mine are scraps now, since I usually buy 1/2 yard cuts or fat quarters.
A very lovely quilt in progress!
Not much progress for me. My rotery cutter keeps closing when I'm cutting. Need a new, better quality one.
Linda, Salem, WV

Mary said...

I have quilt books and magazines stacked everywhere - including the bathroom!

I like this pattern - scrap quilts are my favorite even though the cutting takes longer. I just put a new blade in my rotary cutter last night too - should have done it two weeks ago!

Shelina said...

Oh this is going to be a beautiful quilt. I like all the wonderful scrappy colors you have added to it.
I like your leftovers too. You can put them in a glass jar and display as decoration, or glue them to something for a collage.