Sunday, August 20, 2006

A new week

This week's goal is to have my aunt's granddaughter's quilt done. The baby is due in September and I'm determined to have this mailed out by the end of August. Sticking to committing an hour a day towards quilting should do the trick! :)

But does your hour of the day count if you spend half of it looking for the fabric that you swore you had? I knew I had at least a yard of the pink gold crackle batik... but I also knew that I hadn't seen it since we moved. I gave a hunt through 3 boxes and my closet of stash with no luck. I took a nap and when I woke up, I started to rethink when I last saw the fabric... I knew I had it on the table at the old apartment... so it probably didn't get packed with the stash... I didn't put it in any drawers... so it must be in the box... especially the box of stuff that I basically swiped the table into... and found it! I guess I didn't look hard enough the first time. :)

I also found the batik of yellow and Xs from my stash and I'm like "that's a perfect backing!" I also got that fabric at a steal from a Hancocks that was closing, I'm pretty sure for $1/yard. Tomorrow's plan will be to vacuum the living room and pin it. I'm guessing that'll take an hour at least. :)

It's that time of the month for me and my emotions have been all over the place! At least I'm wearing a shirt that fits the sitution: Kiss Me, I'm Grumpy. And it shows the picture of the Grumpy Drawf from Snow White, with a big red kiss on his forehead. I'd take a picture... but my mood has also put me on a sugar crave, and therefore a little bloating. At least I compromise by buying sugar free French Vanilla ice cream and mashing fresh raspberries into it. Yum! :)

Now it's 10:36 and I really need to go to bed, cuz DH has to work. :P

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Dawn said...

Naps often do wonders for my thinking power! Love the start on your quilt for your Aunt's grandbaby! And how perfect you found the perfect backing!

Nancy said...

That's going to be a beautiful quilt! And good for you finding all the perfect fabrics in your stash.

I've only been counting actual cutting/sewing/pressing time toward my hour a day. If I counted every minute I was doing something quilty - reading magazines, reading blogs, pulling fabric, etc. I'm WAY over 1 hour.

The Calico Cat said...

OOH that is going to be a pretty baby quilt. It is not to girly or masculine too! :o)

Melzie said...

Ugh last week was my week, I always wear my oscar the grouch shirt that says "Im grouchy!" and "scram" on the back LOL. Too funny we have our "week" shirts in common! Yay on finding your missing fabric, I had some missing a couple weeks ago that finally came out of hiding ;) xoxo melzie

Linda_J said...

I would think that your hour can be spent how ever you SAY it is--looking for fabric and pulling stuff for your project is most definitely quilt related in my book. That helpe?

Sweet P said...

That's no fun to lose something, but it's more fun to find it! The quilt is going to be gorgeous.

Andrea said...

That's pretty.

Doesn't your aunts granddaughter make the new baby your 2nd cousin? Or something like that? :)