Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pine Mountain Lake

While visiting my parents, they took all 4 of us kids, my husband and my grandfather to Pine Mountain Lake for a mini-weekend getaway. I have really enjoyed vacations in cabins - and except for the heat, this one was no exception.

For a really big lake... they have pretty strict rules about how far you can swim from the dock. Darn! But then again, I wouldn't want to get run over by a boat. :P

The water was absolutely great to swim in! I love fresh water swimming. :)

The only hard part was getting back onto the dock, because the ladder was half broken. The first time I tried to get up, a fish bit me on my inner thigh! It actually bit a skin tag that I had, and a week later it fell off. I guess the fish did me a favor? :D The second time I needed to use the ladder, I was kicking like mad - don't let the fish bite me! My brother helped me up then, but he's a little stronger than I expected and pulled my shoulder/back. A nap helped ease the tension though.

While my siblings and husband played Spade...

My mom and I played with the handdyed fabrics. What's a vacation without some quilting? ;)

I began to cut for my share of the FQs to take home, but then I got distracted by helping mom figure out some math for the paperpieced log cabins. Hrmm. Log cabins in a cabin. :P

Mom again - she really has a patience that I don't have for studying color play. :)

I had made breakfast that morning; fresh blueberry & raspberry pancakes and scrambled eggs with avocado topping. Dinner was an even bigger affair, but I "ditched" helping because I did breakfast. We had fruit salad, rice, BBQ chicken, bread slices and tomatoes with swiss cheese.

Below is my sister putting the finishing touches on the fruit salad. It had watermelon, canteloupe, honey dew melon, grapes, blueberries, raspberries and the grand finale of cherries. Yummy! :)

I grabbed a shot of my sister Sarah - she kindly bought two 2-day fishing license and we dragged 8 year old poles and wished ourselves the best of luck! Sarah actually caught a fish that morning, but let it go, since they're supposed to be at least 8 inches long to keep.

About 9pm that night we tried our luck again - I'm sure our methods would have made any fisherman cry. We even stuck our poles into the water hoping for bigger fish. But I actually caught a trout!!!!

And it's 8 inches according to me, including the little bit of fake bait sticking out of its mouth. :P Sarah wanted to disect it... bleh! I think she cut open the intestines and got it all poopy. I was busy running off to the shower to wash off the OFF I sprayed on me that felt like super glue. My dad was trying to tell me to celebrate my other sister's birthday first, but I just simply told him to put his hands on my back. He kinda had to yank it off to get unstuck. Then as I was walking to the shower, I looked back and saw him trying to wipe his hands clean. Yes, I was THAT sticky! :)

So we celebrated Andrea's birthday - she's now 22 (she's in the blue shirt). You can also see my grandfather and my dad hanging around.

We had pineapple angel food cake with mint chocolcate chip ice cream... interesting combination! :P

And then we head to bed... and can you believe we did ALL the stuff I mentioned in ONE day?! No wonder why I came home with a few pounds less on me. :)

I'll have to tell you about Yosemite next... we left Pine Mountain Lake on an unexpected note! :)



fabricmom said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your family. I'm sure it was nice to relax and get away from it all. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The lake looks pretty.

joyce said...

It sounds like a fantastic time. I have never been bitten by a fish! Maybe that would have been the time to be out fishing. Lol. Is there anything better than family vacation time? I don't think so.

Sweet P said...

What a great weekend! I wish my in-laws did activities like that, but no luck. My family would do it, but they live in Minnesota and I'm in New Hampshire.

Dawn said...

Oh Leah! What a wonderful time it seems like you had. That lake looks so wonderful and it sounds like you all had so much fun! I LOVED that fruit pie you showed a picture of. Man I wanted those raspberries!

Serena said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I love your new user photo! :)