Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Winners and Boo-boo's

Well, the obvious thread winner was blue. But when I sat myself down to figure out exactly what my quilting path was going to be, I caved and decided to do blue on the green-blue fabric. Then I'll quilt the Geese Tracks with pink. That works. :)

The first few minutes of free-motioning are always nerve wracking, because I'm not into a "flow" yet, even I practice ahead of time on two sandwiched FQs. But after a little bit, I start to relax, I know what I'm doing, I know where I'm going. Thankfully it's usually easy going from that point on.

Just a few minutes ago I discovered a boo-boo! :( Time to stop sewing before I make things worse.

I'm grateful that it's not like half of the quilt or something that bad. And that I discovered it just inches later. Gotta get friendly with the seam ripper! :P

I didn't even do any sewing yesterday. It made me realize that I need to mentally plan ahead what I'll do for each day, or else I'll be scratching my head and end up not doing anything at all. But yesterday I was also busy doing the happy dance because I paid my credit card in full!! That feels so good, to finally be free of that debt after dealing with it for 2.5 years. Hopefully from this point on, we'll be able to pay the balance in full every month. I can hope! ;)

As I was getting into my car to mail the payment... I discovered that my driver's side mirror had fallen out of its casing/holder. Ugh! It's cracked in a corner, hanging by 2 wires and I need to find a way to fix it before I can legally drive the car. I tried to tape it, but that didn't work so well. :P Maybe I should use duct tape instead of masking tape... ;)

So if I think about it hard enough tomorrow, I'll go out and fix it. But the perk of having an undriveable car is that I'm not tempted to go anywhere and spend money. And with that newly paid off credit card, that's a good thing! :D

Other plans for tomorrow are to finish quilting the quilt with the blue thread. Maybe I'll get lucky and get started on the pink too. If not, that can wait til Friday. Saturday I'll do the binding - I'm thinking about taking step-by-step photos of how I do bindings. I know quilters are always looking for helpful tips and hints, and who knows, maybe I'll be able to show you something new. :) And Sunday I'll start handsewing down the binding, and plan to have it mailed off next week.

Whew, hopefully that list will keep me on the hour-a-day plan. :)

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Hedgehog said...

I always have that feeling when I sit down to quilt something, too! It's a beautiful quilt and I love the 'in action' photo!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Lucky you to find that little boo-boo before it grew and grew - I do that sometimes too. You have to be extra careful when you sew clothes with a serger because the knives will just chop off the fabric - big oops! Your backing fabric is great, by the way.

Congratulations on paying off your credit card - indeed worthy of happy dancing!



Linda_J said...

I have had the happen too on the edges--drives me nuts because you are just sure that you had it all nice and flat. Once I didn't find the flipped part till it was time to put on the binding and I rounded that corner!

Dawn said...

Wow your making progress! And don't you just hate it when that happens! I've had it happen to me a few times also but usually on my micro stippling so it is a bear to rip out!

Shelina said...

Congratulations on getting your credit card paid off. Now you can use that extra money to build up a savings!
Looks like you've had little obstacles along your path in quilting. Good to see that you have conquered them all.