Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Panic!

Well, blogger invited me to switch... and here I am! :D Yup, I was having trouble commenting on other blogs. Felt like I kinda lost my "voice" in blogland.

I'm also reaching "full blown Christmas panic" levels... We're leaving Friday for my uncle's house, so I don't have 10 days left, I have 7.5 right now! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

One quilt is done ('cept for the label)... 4 more to go! :O

And I got Christmas blues into a top. The backing is sewn too... now need to pin!

Just to give you an idea how much I've been working/sewing/panicking... last night I was ironing the rows of the Christmas blues quilt and the power went out! Turns out we blew a fuse. :P I can't really blame my husband cuz he was doing what he does every night... so it's probably my fault, cuz I had the sewing machine, iron, computer and bright light on.

Speaking of lights... the desk lamp I have behind my sewing machine burned out it's light bulb. Of course I don't have any *40 watt* bulbs on hand. That left me sewing in a pretty dark spot or turning on my big bright room lamp. I'm too busy to go to the store and buy light bulbs! Maybe tomorrow. :)



Clare said...

You sound mega busy. I miss my nocturnal sewing sessions now that sewing corner is in the bedroom.

Helen in the UK said...

These are looking great. Keep up the good work - remember you can relax in the car on your journey :)

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Leah - you amaze me at how much you get done! If I didn't know better I would say you were related to Bonnie Hunter ;)

I love your Christmas Blues quilt -those white sashing and blue cornerstones really pop! You have given me an idea for a next year quilt. Mind if I copy a photo of yours to save??? ~Bonnie

Shelina said...

Both of these quilts are pretty. I like how you added the checkerboard squares to the railfence on the first one. Adds a lot of interest. I like the scrapiness of it.
I like the soothing blues, and I especially like the sashing. I think it adds a soothing touch to it.

Sweet P said...

Your Christmas quilts are gorgeous. There's going to be many smiling faces at your Christmas party this year.

Anonymous said... usual.

Dawn said...

Oh the tops look wonderful! I"ve missed you - but then I've not been on at all hardly since Thanksgiving. Between work and being sick and "trying" to do anything for xmas has just sucked up my time! And I still can't switch over to beta.... so we will see what happens to me!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

You are always so busy. You are doing a great job. After the holidays you need to take some time off and relax.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

There is nothing like a deadline! you will appreciate your holidays so much more. Keep dreaming of the happy people cuddling under your great Christmas quilts.

Leah S said...

Leaving a post to see if my email shows through - I appreciate it when people have their emails! :)