Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas in Southern California

On the 24th of December, my family and Pops went to my uncle and aunt's house, near San Diego. The first thing that greeted us was this lovely waterfall!

You can see a small car in the middle of the "fountain". My dad said it was a fire hydrant, but I thought it was water main. Ahh, what do I know, he's the plumber after all. :) I did have to complain to my sister and husband... isn't the car supposed to be on the TOP of the water? ;) Nope, only in cartoons.

We celebrated Pops' 75th birthday that night - my aunt and uncle remodeled their kitchen and it's great! They have some really cool features, like a pot filler (water spout by the stove) and two dishwashers! I totally want two dishwashers. "The left one is the clean dishes today, please put your dirty ones on the right dishwasher." Yeah. :)

Here is Aunt S opening the quilt I made for their family. I was thrilled with their response and I hope it gets used a lot. :)

The completed quilt, I did loops and stars for the quilting. First time doing stars, but I love the results and probably will do it again some time soon! :)

While we were waiting for dinner, 6 of us and the dog headed to the beach to see the sun set.

I had the middle sister take a picture of us, Sarah had her hands full with the dog. The sad part is that my husband shaved off his beard on New Year's Day. Waaaaaaaaah! I thought he looked good with a beard. :)

I feel like I'm finally back into my usual routine, so I'll be posting more now! I have quite a few more things to share. :)



Bingo~Bonnie said...

Yeah!!! You are back!!! :) I have been stopping by daily almost and checking - I've missed your posts. I haven't really posted a lot lately on my blog eiter although today I got caught up a little :)

That is awesome that you got to be a part of your Pops' 75th Birthday!!! ~Bonnie

Anonymous said...

AAAAWWWwwwww! Aren't ya'll the cutest things?

Dawn said...

What a sight that water "fountain" is! I"m so glad your aunt liked her quilt. I can't wait until your back in the swing of things! I love your work!

Shelina said...

This is a beautiful quilt too! I can't believe you got so many done for so many people in such little time. I like quilting stars too. They're fun.