Sunday, March 25, 2007

Too late

It's too late for me to do the post I wanted to do. I was behind in making something for the sew-in tomorrow and I was watching Battlestar (no new episodes until 2008! :o).

Anyhow, I baked some Italian Herb Bread for the sew-in tomorrow.

Here it is before I popped it into the oven. Too late, I should have made the slashes before the bread rose. :P

And after it's done. We had some slices with dinner. It was a hit with my husband. Yay! :)

For tomorrow I'm going to slice them, pop them in the oven to warm up, with butter. Hope it's a hit with the quilting ladies too. :)



Dawn said...

Oh the break looks so wonderful! I LOVE fresh bread! MMmmmm

Chrissie said...

Yummo! That makes my mouth water! I haven't made bread in a long time -you are an inspiration! I love your tulips - and you made them so fast!! Here's a little chuckle for ya: Tulips are better than one!
Catch ya later....

Angie said...

Your bread looks wonderful, Leah!! Yum! I haven't made any bread in ages...maybe I should plan to make some tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder. :D

Angie said...

I meant to ask what herbs you put in your bread? And are they fresh or dried?