Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ups and downs of the day

I got some really neat news today! My aunt has started up a blog. :) This aunt has been very active in my life - I was one of her 4 flower girls in her wedding when I was 4 years old. She also spent many hours watching my siblings and I in our younger years. She lived by her parent's house at the time and we'd ride horses, collect eggs from the chicken, work in the garden and basically have a grand ol' time!

She was the one who worked very hard on the flowers for my wedding - a present I really appreciate! As a little "thank you" I made this wall hanging for her and her husband.

(I blocked off the names).

We also have a lot in common now - we both love dogs, gardening and quilting. She was the one who gave me this beautiful picture of Missy. (Scroll to the end of the post). My aunt is also a very talented painter and I love how she adds her dog in the paintings. :) So go on an give her a visit!

I was feeling sorry for my husband - he's been getting a little neglected as I fight this cold. So I figured I'd make him some chocolate chip cookies! :) I think this is the first batch of homemade cookies I've made since we were married. :o

Of course, as soon I was done with the last batch, I promptly fell asleep on the couch. :P But you're welcomed to come over and help yourself to the cookies. We also have a gallon of milk too. :)

The down part of today is that my cold is waaaaaaaaaay worse. When I tried to go to bed last night, the sinus pressure made me want to pull my eyeballs out. Finally at 1am I resorted to a semi-upright position on the couch. Didn't get much sleep that way, but I was happy to breathe! :P 4am found me back in my bed and I tossed and turned until 9:30am - yup, missed out the guild meeting. Oh well, I'd hate to pass this on to the lovely quilting ladies.

When I was at the store today, I grabbed some nighttime sinus/cold medicine, so I'm really hoping I'll sleep better tonight!



QuiltingFitzy said...

Leah, consider using some Dristan nasel spray. Use it sparingly, but it unstuffs your nose enough to be able to breath. It shrinks the membranes remarkably. We bought the generic was fine!


Sweet P said...

I hope your cold gets better soon. The cookies look yummy. I hope your DH enoyed them.

What a cute wall hanging. Your aunt sounds like a neat person.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hope you feel better. That's how I was last month. Nyquil to knock me out at night was the only way I could sort-of get some sleep. And drink lots of 7-Up.

Dawn said...

Those cookies look scrumptious. And I popped over to your Aunts blog and those flowers are gorgeous!