Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And the wind blew...

I opened my window to cool down a bit (we still haven't needed to turn on the AC yet, yay!) and a huge gust wiped everything off of my design wall and a nice pile I had on top of the plastic drawers.

Although, the water bottles aren't from the wind, but merely me being lazy. :P

I was pretty wiped out and out of whack from the baseball game. The good news is that they finally won! :) But what is it with the I-10 closing the last three years we've gone to the game?!

April 2005: We were already in town for a Live concert, so we figured it'd be an easy 30-minute trip to the Opening Game. Nope, I think it was closer to 2 hours. We creep and crawled towards the game. Somebody even gave me the finger, and I wasn't even driving! We made it in time for the game, my brother-in-law didn't though. Turns out that somebody had shot a person in the car, which happened to be on the I-10. Yeah, that'd close the interstate.

March 2006: We head west to Tucson for a Spring Training game. The eastbound lane is closed and we see a back up of stop and go for like 7 miles! Ack... we're gonna have to go home in that?! We ended up taking a back way out, going through lots of hills, and I actually enjoyed the scenery. Turns out that an cooking oil tanker of 40,000 gallons of oil spilled on the I-10. Yeah... that'd close it.

April 2007: We're heading on the westbound and traffic starts to slow. We also notice that there's no cars, at all passing us on the eastbound. Finally we come upon the problem - this is just me guessing, but here's what I think happened. There was a trailer pulling half of a mobile home. He was approaching a bridge with NO shoulders at all and was force to scoot into the middle of the 2-lane interstate. Either he didn't see the pickup truck, or the pickup truck thought he could pass fast enough, got completely crunched into the side of the bridge. The trailer guy stopped so hard that the mobile home slipped forward, crunched up and slipped off the trailer.

You have to realize that this happened on the entrance of the bridge, with 2 miles of cars behind them. It wasn't really an option to push the trailer back and onto the side, so somehow they gotta figure out how to get the mess across the bridge and get the traffic going again. I actually watched the mileage on the car - there was 2 full miles of stopped cars. Parked, with the doors wide open for air. People were just standing around and chatting, taking their dogs for a potty break... nothing was moving. Then there was a mile gap of no cars, the there was 3 miles of stop and go cars being diverted off an exit. But yup, that'd close the interstate too. :P

I did ask my husband to fill up the car with gas - that wasn't the plan, but I didn't want to have a quarter-tank and be possibly stranded between Phoenix and Casa Grande if there were still problems. Thankfully it was smooth sailing home and we saw the mobile home pushed off to the side at the end of the bridge.

Also there's a huge mess of construction on the streets that lead to the ballgame and we got confused and turned around a few times trying to get there and get out. All in all, my husband drove over 5 hours that day, and I drove the last hour home.

But now I'm ready to get back into my normal routine! Here's to hoping I turn on my sewing machine tomorrow. :)



Zegi said...

Looks like a kite-flying day!

Chrissie said...

Glad you got to see the game, and you're home safe! Can't wait to see those red hearts in that quilt!

Peggy said...

Even with the windy-mess, I'm jealous you get to have your windows husband works nights (sleeps days) windows never get to be opened...the outside noise is too bothersome, and the temperature fluctuations make it hard for him to sleep...we live in a controlled 72/74 degrees all year round.