Saturday, April 21, 2007

Beary Cute

The bear fabric border is on! I declare the top done. :)

Now for backing, label and binding. The binding is going to be red from the hearts. I hope to have it all done in a week! Then to wash it... *ducks and hides*... so much red! Yes, I'll buy some color catchers and add vinegar to the washer. And yes, I prewashed everything. I'm safe, right? :P

My Safeway is having a sale on watermelon. 25 cents/pound! Seedless too. :)

Toss in some cantaloupe that's 50 cents/pound, and you've got yourself a simple fruit salad. And yes, it's all gone, sorry. But wanna come with me to the store tomorrow and get a watermelon or two before the sale is up? ;)



Sweet P said...

The quilt is adorable! The salad looks yummy. I would go with you to the store, but it's too far away!

joyce said...

Love the quilt and good luck with the washing. I'm always terrified of washing a new quilt for some reason. I've never had a problem but always anticipate one.

Nancy said...

Love the quilt! Good luck with those reds when washing.

P.S. I LOVE watermelon and cantaloupe.

Patti said...

You "done good" girl! The quilt looks great. You can certainly accomplish a lot quickly once you put your mind to it.

The fruit looks delicious!

atet said...

Mnnnn..the fruit looks yummy and so does the quilt! Congrats on the bargain and the finish.

Tanya said...

I really like your heart quilt! And the cute little bears really dress it up so nicely!

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Your hearts are soo cute! and that is the perfect busy bear boarder for the fabrics you used.

Looking at your quilt reminded me on one I saw made by a Stashbuster member Cindy Carter - here is the link to hers.... not hearts but stars but very similar in the light and dark thing.

I am so amazed at how you are a full time student and get so much quilting done all the time!!! I think of you as in the same league as Bonnie Hunter and Mary Johnson ;)

~Bonnie in SE Texas

Helen in the UK said...

The heart top has turned out beautifully. You have such a great eye for colour/design. Congrats :)