Monday, April 02, 2007

Elbow grease will be needed

First off - to Kathy who commented in my previous post (sorry, don't know which Kathy you are! :( That's the same name as my MIL and a few other ladies I know of). I have been taking step-by-step photos of making the green and pansy Quick Twist quilt, so that even a complete beginner could try it. Well, I am assuming that you'll know how to operate a sewing machine and cut the fabric. :)

Today I spent a bit of time cleaning up the living room. We had to drag some chairs from outside in last week because of the rains. I'm ready to toss the chairs away, hubby wants to keep them... so I keep them outside if I can. :)

Anyhow, I took a moment to clean off the Singer Cabinet, I had the brilliant idea of folding up my antique quilts on top of it. I figured a few swipes would get rid of the basic layer of grime and not hurt the quilts. Alas, I was wrong.

When I first started swiping, I could only see 2 or 3 rings. I kept wiping and wiping and wiping and the paper towel continued to look like it was cleaning up spilled coke. Afraid that I was starting to wipe off the finish, I gave up and resigned myself to having to consider refinishing it. After some sanding though! :)

So I went ahead, clipped a little bunch of flowers and added a little cheer to the room. I did make sure the cup was dry on the bottom, but I doubt if anybody will actually notice one more ring. :P



Clare said...

A tip. Instead of sanding it, try 0000 gauge wire wool with bees wax polish on it. Some kind person once used a chest of drawers in one of my guest rooms as an ironing board - the mark was horrendous. Wire wool and polish took it off. Love the pansy fabric.

Kimba said...

Leah as you work on the cabinet please post some tips...I have 2 that I need to do once it stays warmer up here. A dark parlor one and a light one with drawers and the box that covers the machine.

What did you use on the cabinet? Hubby bought me some orange cleaner for wood that "supposed" to be easy on origial finishes....

Niki said...

Just ran across your wonderful quilty blog! OH and the best part is that I'm in AZ too :) Love your blog, btw ;)