Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's here!

*squeals* My thread is here! I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow or later. But it came today! I also grinned so widely over the thought of my thread finally being here that I pushed my left contact up my eye. :P Yeah, fixing that will take off your smile.

Aren't they yummy? I miscounted, 40 spools, not 41. I'm afraid to open them. All pretty... all nice... don't want to mess it up. :) But actually, I want to get a "system" going so I can replace spools as I get low. So I need to make a chart or something and tape a few pieces of thread so I know what is what. Hmm... maybe I can put a number in the spool....

I also had fun flipping through Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space. I know the perfect place to get furniture for my dream quilting room - IKEA! In the meantime, gonna make do with what I have. :)



Nichole said...

Oh yummy! Looking at all that thread in all those beautiful colors is making me want to go buy my own. Isn't it great to have that many new, full spools all at once! I have seen this thread many times in the CT calalog, but never used it. It obviously must be good for you to buy so much of it. Do you use it for piecing and machine quilting?


Dawn said...

Oh it is wonderful! I could just buy and buy and buy thread!

Helen in the UK said...

Wonderful selection of threads - you almost need to create a display of them!

Anonymous said...

Where do you order your thread from? And I am curious as to about how much it ends up being for a spool of thread? Thanks so much!!
Lisa in Texas = ) Which by the way it is snowing here right now!!!!

Elaine Adair said...

Ohhhh, slobber, slobber - delicious thread!

I DO like those blocks with the fussy cut centers -- but I agree, maybe in different colors.

Have a great day!

Mary said...

I LOVE the shelving I bought at Ikea for my Studio. I had built in shelves before I moved and hated leaving them but these are much better AND they'll go with me when I move again.

The shelves also have large bins that fit the space. I originally bought 5 and found them so useful I went back and bought 5 more.

Books fit all along the bottom.