Friday, June 01, 2007

We have a winner!

I cut all the names, folded them twice, toss them into the bowl and then mixed it up for 2 minutes straight.

Then it kinda hit me... oh my gosh, I have to actually PICK somebody?! It made me feel like whoever I picked, I'd be telling them that I love YOU more, so YOU can get my hand dyed fabric. :P

Ok. So I might have a skewed sense of logic. But I solved my dilemma by having my husband pick! No more guilt for me. :D

And congratulations to Nancy!

Nancy, I tried to email you, but it got rejected "because it contains prohibited virus or spam content". I'm clean, I swear! Wasn't even trying to attach anything. Anyhow, I would appreciate you emailing me your address. :)

Thanks ladies... I had fun. We'll have to do it again when I reach 300 posts. :)



deputyswife said...


Congrats to Nancy.

And, start typing Leah...


QuiltingFitzy said...

I can't get thru her email either!

My heart leaped when I saw "Nancy", dang it all, I mean, there's someone else with that name?

Hugs to Nancy, hugs to you!

Nancy said...

I WON!!!!! Yippee!!!!!! Don't know what the problem with my email is all of a sudden but I get very little thru the blogmail address anymore. Guess it's time to change. I've sent you a message with my address. Can't wait to get that lovely piece of fabric in my hands. :-)

Quilt Nut said...

aw man, i missed it!

congrats Nancy! and congrats on the 200th post Leah

Dawn said...

You are tooo funny!