Thursday, September 13, 2007

I can close my closet doors!

Whee! I got found my sewing machine. ;) Ok, so it wasn't missing... but certainly unusable among the mess!

Those big stacks of fabric from my last post? All into the closet now. Best of all, I can close my closet doors! ;)

I'm sure I've posted my sewing set up a few times, well, I turned one table 90 degrees and basically made a "triangle" arrangement, like it was recommended in Lois Hallock's Create Your Perfect Quilting Space.

And look! Floor! It's not even hidden with bins. :D Obviously I still have a bit of a mess to deal with, but trust me, it's a thousand times better!! You can come over now. ;)

One highly amusing point about my sewing room; I've managed to lose at least 2 needles, drop countless of pins and safety pins. I'm in that room almost all day, half of the times on my hands and knees and never get jabbed or find my missing needles. My husband stops by (meaning, he actually felt brave enough to step in the room) and in just 5 minutes he finds a pin that I never knew was there. :P

Time to clean the rest of the apartment! My parents come in 15 hours... and I have to sleep during some of them! :P



Norma said...

My husband can manage to step on the only pin in the whole house, five minutes after it hit the floor. I can spend hours in the sewing/bedroom with them showing all over the floor and miss every one. To top it off, if my DH misses one, my sil finds it.........and gives me a "what if I was one of the kids" look every time.

Have a problem with stray threads too.......they run across the room and just hug DH as he is headed out the door to work. Good thing the man loves me and admires my craft! LOL

Helen in the UK said...

Wow - what a lot of fabric!! At least it is now all in the closet. Have a great time with your parents and we'll look forward to seeing your quilt production go through the roof as you start using all that stash :)

Anonymous said...

LOL Leah! My hubby finds every single stray pin on the floor or left in a project that my mom does. He thinks she does it to him on purpose! LOL And after over 25 years he still thinks she throws pins on the floor right before he goest ot their house.

Glad to see your clean room. Enjoy time with your folks.

Ruthie Redneck

Zegi said...

Umm...I think you found your "coffee" spending!!!

Nicole said...

That is so true about stray pins! I never get stuck, but if my son or husband sticks their toe in my sewing room, without a doubt they will remove it with a pin stuck in it!

swooze said...

Come see my room (on my blog). You will feel better. Yes my dogs and family can find a lost pin or needle faster than anyone I know! Pow! Right in the foot!