Monday, October 29, 2007

Gave me the giggles

In today's mail there was a notice from our (only) credit card company that they've raised our credit line up another $1,000.

Do you think they're getting nervous about the fact that our current cards expire on the 31st and we haven't activated the new ones yet? :D We're just lazy and haven't gotten around to activating it yet.

Maybe I better make that Connecting Threads order tomorrow, cuz I'm clean out of white thread now. Somehow I'm not motivated enough to consider activating the new card just for some thread, bit o' fabric and Judy L's new book. ;)



Kairle said...

Too funny, Leah. Our DS has a CC with a $500 limit. He buys something and then immediately pays it off. He's building good credit but the CC company sure isn't making any $$ off him. LOL!

Kim said...

How's the allergic reaction? All better????
Good news with the cc-