Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm a little disappointed today - my Connecting Threads order didn't come! I think it's because I so rarely order stuff online (half a dozen times a year?) that I count each second it's supposed to arrive. I check the tracking number about 200 times. It hasn't been updated since the 10th. And it said it'd be here on the 13th! Hmmph.

To console myself, I just made my purchase from Amazon.com. :D Hopefully it'll come some time next week and I'll bury my nose in the books while everybody else can enjoy Thanksgiving and the mad rush of Black Friday. Have fun! ;)


I got this in the mail last week, all the way from England! A cute purple needle book.

Thanks Anne, I love the colors, and completely agree with the statement! I think I've only mended 2 things since I got married. One time was when a button popped off my husband's dress shirt. I took it to my machine right there, right then and sewed it back on before I could think about forming a complaint. The other item was a pair of exercise pants and the decorative side strip popped open a few inches.

No mending for me! I have a sister who loves to sew clothes and we made a deal - she'll sew whatever clothes I (or any future kids) need, and I'll make quilts for her and her someday kids. ;)



Kim said...

mending??? I that like ironing something other than fabric???? I was doing a bunch of hubby's shirts the other night and it killed my iron. Seriously it just died in the middle of the shirt. Lucky for me I had a spare brand new in the box iron. Now I have to remember to buy another one.Cause you never know when these things will poop out on you...but cute needle case.

anne bebbington said...

Glad it arrived safely and that you like it - sounds like a good deal you've got going there with your sister - sadly mine only does cross-stitch which isn't much use to me :o)