Monday, January 07, 2008

Music = Mojo

I'm starting to feel like I'm getting my quilting "mojo" back. :)

Remember when I did Renee's Fall Mystery? Well, I mentioned that I wanted to make it a bit bigger, by adding a row of blocks to two sides.

I made the blocks back in October, but they just sat... until tonight! :D I turned on the iPod and plugged away, and now I have the desired top I want. It'll have a yellow binding.

Why did I put it off? Cuz I knew I needed to pin the additional rows to the quilt, and I HATE pinning. Yes, it's that bad. I'd gladly hand sew some bindings down if they would do my pinning. I try to piece and press my fabric correctly so I can avoid the need to pin. I actually prefer to have my corners slightly off than to grab a pin. I really hate pinning. I have set aside quilts and UFOs because I hit a point where I need to pin, and I just don't wanna. :P

The problem is that I'm starting to have quilts scattered around that I've stalled at; and I'm gonna lose their pieces if I don't put them together into a top! It's not so bad if the quilt is scrappy, but like the one above? I don't want to imagine myself trying to redye the perfect shade of green or yellow, just cuz I have a little pin annoyance. :)

And no, safety pins don't count, I like doing that, it means that I will be free-motioning soon. :D

I recently realized that listening to music can really help distract me from minor issues and give me the desire to keep plugging on. It helped me not focus on the fact that I need to pin tonight. The downside is that I can't read or sit at the computer and multi-task very well. I keep getting distracted by the song words and out comes the typos. :)

(And how does a deaf girl enjoy music? I don't catch the words. I'd guess I have about a dozen songs that I actually know the words to. The rest I either enjoy without ever figuring where they sing [too soft, too fast of a beat, too bouncy music] or I keep trying to figure it out. I'd guess I only learn about 3-4 new songs a year. The country channel on TV can be a big help, but I haven't watched in ages. :P But music for me is a lot like listening to foreign opera singers - they sound real nice, but you don't have a clue what they're saying!)



Chrissie said...

Oh, my! You're a funny one! lol! I'm with you on the pinning thing. I just want to get it done and over with. I need to break away from that mind set, and move along. It really does help to have something to help keep your mind occupied, just to get over some of those humps! I love the quilt - the yellow and green are lovely together, and the black sets it off perfectly!
God bless your day!

Appleby said...

once again a lovely top, and great colour choices.

When you mentioned you listen to the MP3 player I went HUH????? You are so funny!!!

QuiltingFitzy said...

It's OK Leah, I can hear, yet I make up the words as I go. Yeah, I'm one of those. John Denver's song lyrics said, "You fill up my senses," but I sang, "You fill up my fanfare!" Never gave it one thought that it made NO SENSE. My kids used to laugh and laugh at me, they'd look at each other and say "Did she way what I thought she said?"

It only matters that you enjoy it!

Catholic Bibliophagist said...


Wow! I thought I was the only person in the world who had trouble making out the words in songs. I really can't catch them and I don't have hearing problems. Suddenly, I feel a little less alone.