Sunday, March 02, 2008

End of the Day

I'm ready to start winding things down and prepare for tomorrow, like making my husband's lunch and finding him dress clothes for work. At least I got a completed top out of the Quiltathon!

I already cut a backing to size, and doused it in water cuz it was so darn wrinkled. Hoping to iron it tonight too. No way am I gonna be pinning it though, I need to clean the living room first.

Between the entire top and the backing, a grand total of 5 yards of fabric have been used.
.5 yard of the pink/purple flower fabric
1 yard of the purple TOT (tone on tone) fabric
1.5 yards of light blue fabric
2 yards of 60" wide of purple hand dyed backing fabric.

My stash closet? Doesn't look any smaller. :P



Morah said...

Irritating huH! Ya'd think that an entire quilt would take at least 10-15 yards!!!! It's very nice looking. It looks like a fun pattern

Laurie said...

CLAP CLAP CLAP!! Great job Leah! It's interesting how different the colors look in each photo! Be proud of your accomplishment!

I also took your advice on the pictures not enlarging and reposted them using "none" for justification and it WORKED!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Chrissie said...

Hey there, Kiddo! I step away for a few days, and lo! Four posts! and your hubby posted as well! Good to have you back! I've been looking at this design, and was thinking of trying it out. It looked easy enough. This looks real good - kinda has a Valentine's feel to it - very pretty! The border really makes it pop! I'm trying my hand at HSTs. Do you have some advise for making those? and how do you keep your blocks square? some things I've been struggling with.
Ok - take care and God bless you, dear one! We had the honor of your Mom and Ben's presence at our house yesterday - it was a real blessing!
Luv ya!

FabricMom said...

Great job on the stash busting. Very cute top.

Shelina said...

It's beautiful Leah - great job! I think you want to leave some fabric in your closet for your next quilt.