Thursday, July 24, 2008

Third time's a charm for Alcatraz!

This island has been on the "to-do" list for years. First attempt the gang of us was late and missed the boat. Second time my uncle and aunt tried to buy same-day tickets, but there was no room. Finally, my dad handed me a credit card and told me to buy tickets for everybody. We were bound and determined to make it work this time! :)

I gave my husband the camera once we got on the boat - he's good at taking scenic pictures.

The Alcatraz Island is pretty small - only 22 acres. A little over a mile away from the San Francisco shoreline. I love being on boats though! (Unlike my poor husband who couldn't wait to put his feet back on solid ground.)

A picture of the lighthouse, which I didn't personally see.

My sister Sarah and I decided to derive from the rest of the family. Sarah was experiencing a major headache, I wouldn't be able to understand the guide because of my deafness. So we trooped off on our own and did what we wished.

The nice thing is that in the main prison, they have these binders with the audio written out for deaf people. We both grabbed one, and walked around almost whacking people on headphones with the wide sides of the book. :P

Below is a picture of the library. I think it was one of the quietest rooms in the prison - guess too many of us have been shushed in libraries. ;)

I was highly disappointed that there were no books left! I'd love to see what they were allowed to read, and what condition the books were in, given how near they were to the bay and moisture.

The building that caught my interest the most was the Warden's Home.

I wonder why it's in shambles, it doesn't really look like it was in a fire. But definitely the stuff spooky stories are made out of. ;)

Sarah and I also hiked down to where the "gardens" were - but they sure weren't much to speak of. The best I could find was some pooped-on blackberries. No! I didn't try a bite. :)

The same birds gave Sarah and I trouble when we sat near the dock waiting for the others. One decided to poop just before flying over us, and we got splattered with white. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! To the bathroom to clean off, then hiding under some roofed benches.

There was a fantastic view of San Francisco near the gardens/Warden's Home.

I loved how cool it was too - I actually put on a sweater! It seems unbelievable now, as I sit in 80+ degrees at 10pm. I'm such a cold-loving girl. :)

Send some snow or something my way, will ya? :P


P.S. Yes, we're in the middle of the monsoon, but the rain is pretty warm. I'll stand outside late at night watching the rain in a tank top. Rain doesn't equal cool!


Andrea said...


From what I can see of that galaxy stars project I like it. Pretty colors that you're using. How many different colors are you having to use?

Andrea said...

Do you still use EQ?

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Some day I hope to see Alcatraz in person. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

Great pics! We went to San Fran about 3 years ago, but didn't get out to the island. Our son lives in Yuba City, just south of Sacramento, and we were visiting with them.