Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pinning Marathon

Ohh, color me tired and sore! I kinda surprised myself by realizing that exactly a month ago I got home from visiting my parents. I've managed to complete 4 quilt tops since. Admittedly, they're all baby/lap size.

I'll say this, my husband got a good view of my butt this evening as I bent over and pinned the three quilts! ;)

Seeing the picture, I'm reminded why I go either all-scrappy or 2-3 fabric quilts. I just can't do a handful of colors, I just don't get a good flow. The quilt on the right is starting to rub me wrong because "shades of pink and purple" was nice in theory, but didn't translate well into a quilt.

On the bright side, all three quilts use fabric from my stash - I didn't go out of my way to purchase any fabrics. I'd guess around 15 yards used, including the bindings, which are already cut and ready to be added after the quilting.

I wanted to pin last week's mystery quilt too, but I don't have a backing handy, and I'm out of crib size batting. Hopefully I'll remember to pick some up when I'm running around town while my husband's at the church council meeting. :)



ruthieredneck said...

Nice to know why we haven't heard much from you. I'm surprised you are sewing, afterall it's August and hot!!!!

Nice job on these!

Randi said...

Woohoo! 15 yards...WTG!

Mary said...

Pinning is one job I don't miss thanks to the longarm although I'm not particularly fond of loading them on it either.

Nice job getting them all ready for quilting - I think the green on the (L) is my favorite - I love rail fence quilts and 2 rails are fun and fast.

Kim said...

i like the green one best too :) but they're all great!!
I finally got the part to the juki and I hope to finish the one on my frame so I can load the mystery from Ann- it's a gift I need for a week from Sunday...