Wednesday, December 17, 2008

End in sight

Phew... I'm so ready for my bed. I spent this afternoon pinning the top. My poor finger's numb from closing all the pins. I know, there's tools and gadgets out there, but I've never gotten them to play nice for me.

Although, can I ask what I was thinking when I used the highest loft possible for the batting?! Oh. I know what I was thinking. I didn't want to piece a batting, and WalMart is sold out of every batting size except crib. I had a roll of extra high loft, twin size in my closet and deemed it the best answer for the quilt.

Spent the evening quilting a meander. Started around 6:30, finished a bit after 9:30 with a couple breaks.

Surprisingly, the biggest thing that help me push on was keeping myself hydrated. Any time I started to feel myself waning in efforts, I'd just take a couple sips of water and keep on pedaling.

Now it's 10pm, I'm gonna hit the shower then go to bed! The binding can be dealt with tomorrow.

Good night! :)



homeschoolmom4 said...

Love what you did with the quilting. Looks awesome! Enjoy a good night sleep.

AmyK said...

Wow, Leah.. you're a champ. It looks great!

swooze said...

It looks lovely. You did a great job!

ruthieredneck said...

Wowzer, you were really rockin' and rollin' yesterday. You did great!

The quilt looks quite masculine, he should love it!

holly said...

The quilt is beautiful. As are all the quilts you make. Job well done.

Kim said...

wonderful job as usual
enjoy your Christmas

ForestJane said...

WTG! It's great - I love anything in green, and the quilting looks nice too.

Tazzie said...

Very cute Leah, your quilting looks lovely. I don't use anything when I'm closing pins either - I guess I'm just not a gadget kind of girl?

cozythyme said...

Hi Leah,
I love your quilt. Want to make one for 22 year old grandson for next Christmas like that! Am an amateur quilter and was wondering how large the squares are if you have time to answer. I would want to make a standard bed size one. If you prefer you can e-mail me. Thanks so much. Nancy D.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Your stippling looks really neat and even, so nice! :) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :)