Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fake snow

That's what the mound of batting looks like, a pile of fake snow. I better enjoy it, cuz it's the closest to the real thing I'm gonna get this year. ;)

My husband's happy, I was able to move the roll of batting from the bedroom couch to my quilting closet. Admittedly... I needed 3 dumbbells totaling 40 pounds to keep the closet door from bulging out. There's no tracks on the bottom, so the doors sway with pressure.

I'm never gonna order that much batting again until I have a house or 50 quilt tops in waiting. :)



Allison said...

That's so funny - I also purchased a heck of a lot of batting lately, and I'm like, uummmm. Now what?

Quilt Nut said...

love your quilt, it's turned out great

is the batting on a roll? we hang ours from the ceiling

Leah S said...

@Allison, now time to get quilting! ;)

@Quilt Nut, it has some cardboard roll in it, but it's not very solid. I can't hang it from the ceiling because I live in an apartment. Last thing I want to do is explain an 8x3 foot hole just months before I move out. ;)

Kim said...

Is that a disappearing 9 patch? Is the whole world making one now? I have one I'm ripping apart I set it on point and didn't like the fabric :(
But I love the colors in this one.
Losing a job is scarey- very scarey. Hubby could read the writing on the wall where is at the moment. It's why he's taking a job in Buffalo. Contract and huge pay raise. I just need to make more quilts for the cold.
As for the batting, I bought a roll of warm and natural after Christmas with gift money. Mine is normally on the frame but I've been just cutting hunks off till I can get it rolled onto the bar of the frame. Maybe this weekend.