Thursday, February 12, 2009

Half as charming

I had lust for the 5" charm packs. Big time, and badly so! I was especially drooling over the Wildflower Serenade II pack. They retail around $8 for 40 squares.

Then I began to do the math. If I want to make a quilt that's 16x20 squares, I need 320 squares in all. That's 8 charm packs. Ok, now 8x$8 is $64! Cripes. I don't think I've ever spent that much on one single quilt top's fabric.

And wait a minute, didn't I say I was gonna tackle my stash harder? Then it hit me, 4 years ago I started buying Thimbleberries fabric with no real plan for them. Why not dig those up and cut up my own charms?

It's only half as charming because I found 23 fabrics to work with, not 40. Who cares, it's my quilt! And it's gonna have lots and lots of green. :D

Most importantly, I'm no longer feeling the lust for the charm packs and it didn't cost me any more money to cut up those squares. Make do or do without certainly applies here. :)



Rosaline said...

What a highly motivating post to shop from our stashes! Also, it's possible you're love for the Wildflower is transient - you may just "love it" now because it's new.

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

I bet you will like this quilt even better because you pulled from stash. I love doing that.

jillquilts said...

That's a great way to look at it! And the quilt will be that much more rewarding knowing that it was from your stash!

Vicki W said...

Good for you!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I love all things Thimbleberries so I am sure I will love your quilt! :) That's the downer with that expensive fabric though - it's EXPENSIVE! :) I'm cheap - I hunt for sales!!!

Nanci said...

Hi Leah,

Rebecca (Adele's mama) is a very close friend of mine. Until she moved away last summer, she lived within a mile from me. We used to get together and work on sewing and crochet projects. It has been terribly hard for me not to be there for her in a time which has been difficult for her.

I wanted to personally thank you for all the encouragement and information that you have offered Rebecca regarding Adele's hearing loss. I have been thanking the Lord over and over for you. Everytime I read your comments to her, a prayer of thanksgiving passes my lips.

So I am glad to have made your acquaintance through your blog. Your quilts are beautiful.

Again, thank you for being such a special lady to guide someone else down a path you know so well.

God bless you.


Betty said...

It's always fun to shop in our own stashes. If you think about it, you 'must' have picked that fabric for some reason way back when. Sometimes I enjoy just going through the old stuff and whacking it into squares or strips.