Friday, February 20, 2009

Holding my horses

I need more floor space! I was all ready to start pinning the charm quilt together. Got the top with borders done; the batting cut out; the backing sewn together; several hundred pins at my disposal...

And I simply just don't have enough room to layout half of the quilt decently to start pinning. My husband's computer chair is in the way, and he's using it. :P And given that I've already claimed the entire second bedroom for my hobby, it's not fair to ask him to pull away from his hobby because I need 3 more feet.

I figure my two options are to either get up at the crack of dawn and get that sucker pinned, or wait until Monday. We'll see! :)


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Kim West said...

Have you ever tried pinning on a table? That is how I pin. i pin it in sections (center out) and it works wonderfully. I use the biggest binder clips I can find and clip the sections down. Here is a tutorial: