Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hair Today

For an April's Fool joke on my husband, I got my hair cut. (Never mind that it took me a month to get the after photo!) Here's the before:

I have no memory of those curls and waves! One of the biggest reason for cutting my hair was to encourage more curls.

This is the shortest my hair has been, since I was four or five. And no, my hair's never been dyed, I am freshly out of the shower in the second picture.

I opted for a layered style, and it was important to me that I could be able to tuck my hair behind my ears if I wanted to. Took me about a month to adjust to it. I can squeeze it into a high pony tail for the gym, but buns and twists don't work out so well. I probably won't have it that short again, but good to know what it's like. :)

Our plans to tour our new apartment tomorrow got bumped... because they're installing new carpet and flooring. Yippee! So we'll swing by on Tuesday. And we're still moving in 8 days. Yikes!

Still haven't done that much packing yet. I did make another run to the thrift store to donate a small bookcase, a bag of clothes and a bag of fabric that didn't get taken by the quilt guild ladies. Crunch time now. :)



Joyce said...

Good luck with your move. I love your hair both ways....since I have really short hair (haven't had long hair since the 7th grade) I can't imagine long hair.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Looks so pretty! :) Must be something in the water...I cut my hair short recently too. I had very long hair half way down my back for years. My daughters also have long hair that I french braid every day - my seven year old has had two haircuts, and my youngest has never had one. LOL* I cut mine into a long bob all the way up to my chin!

Melzie said...

you look ADORABLE Leah!!! :)

Chrissie said...

lookin' good, cutiekins! I like my short doo now, too, though in order to have it look good, gotta work with it, can't just put it up anymore....I haven't got the curls you've got, kiddo! :)
wish I could help with the move...know what you're goin' through...:)
love ya, and I sure would love to come over and pick up that fabric! :OOO

Mary said...

You have the prettiest eyes, and the shorter hair really brings them out! But really, I would pay good money for your "before" hair!
Mine is so thin!