Sunday, July 05, 2009

Patriotic Show

My last quilt guild meeting had a red-white-blue show of quilts. I grabbed my camera with me and figured I'd get some eye-candy. I'm sure you'll be able to tell that I really favor stars! :)

I'm not sure why, perhaps because stars can give a nice "pow" to a quilt.

I was sorta hoping that I would feel inspiration to make my own patriotic quilt. How sad is it that I don't have any RWB quilts or tops of my own?

The biggest thing that holds me back is my intense dislike of red! I tried to force myself to use it more by buying red fabric. Still sits nicely on my shelf. :P

I can tolerate some darker shades of red, like the one in the last quilt. But bright vibrant red? I advert my eyes and hold back any shudders.

I can quickly forget about red just by spending some time with my beloved green. ;)



Lynn said...

Pretty star quilts. I don't pick red as my first choice, but it can add a nice accent.

ForestJane said...

Green is my favorite color too. ;)

Maybe once you cut the red up, you could use it better?

Shasta said...

Don't discriminate against red! It is a nice color. I myself tend to discriminate against whites. Maybe because as a child, I was told to stay away from white because I couldn't keep it clean. I'm really liking the quilts with a nice crisp white in it now though.