Monday, August 17, 2009

Ann's Summer 2009 Quilt

The top is all done! And on the mystery day to boot. ;)

My fabric choices don't photograph that well, but looks fantastic in person. It'll make a terrific baby boy blanket at 48x48 inches. No hearts, flowers or girly princesses in this one.

I don't know of any baby boys right now, but my sister-in-law is expecting a baby early 2010. She's the bride at the end of this post.

I better have a make a girl quilt, just in case! :)



ruthieredneck said...

Nice, were you able to use your stash? If so, double nice! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh it's lovely, Leah! Great job!

Sarah said...

So pretty! Congratulations on your new niece or nephew!