Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm scared to say it...

...but I think I'm quilting again!

Actually, I finally finished free-motioning the top tonight. About 7 months longer than I had in mind. :P

I was too scared to say anything when I got my machine back on Monday and promptly ran into my old tension issues again! Oh yes, there were tears!!! So I figured I'd make a sample piece and see if I could email a picture to Kelly to determine what I'm doing wrong. Then I realized dark blue thread both in the top and bobbin would be hard to picture... so I switched the top thread out. And the tension was perfect. Huh. Could it be the THREAD? I wound up a spool of blue thread (slightly lighter than what I had been using before) and it's quilted perfectly. And yes, all the thread is the same brand, Connecting Thread's "Essential Threads". That dark blue spool got thrown out! It'd also explain why I didn't have any problems during the first 70% of the quilt, as I had two dark blue spools - bought at different times.

It's not entirely the thread's fault though. Half of my problems may have been due to the previous guy who serviced my machine. Apparently he wasn't keeping so updated in the Bernina world and honing in his sewing machine knowledge. The very first thing Chris said when I got the machine back was how much quieter it is.

I also have 90 days to go back with any problems and have it fixed, free of charge. Today I have 88 days left. ;) I plan to quilt my heart out, I want the problems to show up now! And because I'm totally geeky, I also asked how many hours are on my machine. 71. Zowie... there was 62 in March 2008. That makes my actual needle-moving time is about 6 hours a year. Yet I can tell you I've made at least 10 quilts from start to finish, plus twice as many tops in that time period. I must be a very fast quilter... :P

Off to get the binding on the quilt in the picture!



Nanci said...

Your quilt is looking beautiful!!! I'm so glad your sewing machine blues may be over. I thought my serger had died at the beginning of this year, and I was devastated. But it was able to be repaired, and I haven't had any more trouble. Hope your machine stays well, too!!!!!

jillquilts said...

Oh, I am so happy to hear that it was just the thread! I have a frame and dedicated machine, but even that machines hates the Connecting Threads thread. I will only use Bottom Line in the bobbin and a good quality quilting thread (think Superior) in the top and I no longer have the tension issues eitehr.

Hooray for you!!

Dana said...

Glad your machine is fixed and the quilt really is lovely!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Whooo-hooo! I am so very happy for you! I always buy Gutermann thread for making clothes - but only if the spool says it is made in Germany. Gutermann also makes thread in Mexico and that thread is terrible, even though it is the same brand. It took me some time (and yes, tears - I so understand your pain) to figure out what the trouble was. Cheers! Evelyn

Calico Prairie said...

Wow, it looks lovely, Leah! Great job and thank the Lord for a working sewing machine again!