Saturday, November 14, 2009


There's quite a few things to celebrate this week. Like, this is my 400th post! I didn't get my act together to have a giveaway though. Who cares, I can always celebrate my 461st post. ;)

I just had my 27th birthday. I was looking forward to it because the 12th of November also marked 12 weeks of being pregnant. Alas, the gas and food fickleness hasn't disappeared. I should wait until 13 weeks, when I'm actually out of my first trimester, eh?

I also celebrated my birthday by starting a new quilt. :D

I got lucky enough to snag a spot as one of Ann's mystery testers for the New Year's Eve Mystery. It's a really easy one! There's lots of HSTs, but thankfully it's a pre-sewing clue, not something you need to do on the actual mystery day.

The requirements are a focus fabric and 4 coordinating pieces. Since there's babies abound in my husband's family right now, I figured I better whip up a couple more crib sized quilts. :)

I also received a piece of rush mail from my parents - my birthday card with a generous check included. It's all going towards the midwife!! And then there was this picture of a totaled car enclosed.

I was thinking my dad had taken a picture of some car on his way to a job site or something... but no, it turns out the car was my brother Ben's. You'd think he would learn from his New Year's Day experience... but if you look at the last sentence of that post, I think we're going to have to go with "perhaps not." :P

I don't have the full story, but what I gather, he bought the car less than 24 hours before (I'm gonna guess he sold the Mustang), was going down some hill with a friend and obviously lost control. I wonder how that phone call to my parents went... "Everybody's ok. I kinda scraped up my new car."

I'm not worried - Ben text me on my birthday saying "happy bday!". That he got the right day tells me that he's ok. :) And if he applies himself, he can earn all the money he needs for a new car in a couple of months. And whatever the new car is, it'll be #6 for him. He goes through cars faster than I go through sewing machines! :)



Dana said...

Happy Belated Birthday Leah!!

Sorry your brother totaled his car, luckily no one was hurt right?
Scary though!!

I love the fabrics you picked for the mystery quilt. I am having a girl in 6 weeks and the fabrics you picked will definately be cute for a girl!! Do you plan on making a mystery quilt in blues and greens for a boy too?
Kinda of like a dueling banjo's kind of quilting session?

I wish I had your talent your quilts are beautiful!!

Congrats on 12 weeks, and yes the sickness will pass soon only I can't say when exactly because its different for every person and every pregnancy.

Enjoy your pregnancy, it goes by sooooooooooo fast!!


Sweet P said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

Those fabrics are perfect for a baby quilt.

Chrissie said...

Happy Birthday, Darlin'! and I'm so glad Ben's ok! whew! can't wait to see the new quilt mystery! ;) praying for you and your pregnancy - lovin' that new nephew already! :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

A belated happy birthday to you Leah. A belated congrats on you and your dh expecting your first baby, that is so exciting for you both.

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

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Melzie said...

How are you feeling now Leah? Keep us updated inquiring minds want to know ;) xoxo melzie