Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Road to Spring quilt along

Been keeping my sewing machine humming with the Road To Spring Quilt Along. This top practically flew together.

After making the boyish train quilt, I was definitely in the mood for girly. :) But of course I can't give up my favorite color, green, so I mixed the two.

I jumped the gun and started piecing my "blocks" before the directions were released. Then I found out I was doing it wrong... but both ways lead to a finished top.

I just loved not having to match seams! Only needed to pay attention to which direction I was pressing the blocks.

And it grows...

I tried very hard to make sure that every 4 blocks didn't have any repeat of green or pink fabrics. Plenty of shuffling happened towards the end.

The completed top! It should be measuring 50"x72". Once again, a good bed quilt for a child under 10.

I was hoping to make a nice dent in my stash of older greens... ha! Not hardly. :P

I do kinda wish I had a higher fabric turn over in my stash so I could buy newer stuff more often. I don't want to buy something that's STILL going to be in my fabric stash 5 years down the road. Except for hand dyes, I never tire of them. :)



Prairie Homemaker said...

It is just beautiful!

Molly said...

So pretty and love these colors! I know what you mean about buying more fabric even though we don't need any... but sometimes we just HAVE to !! ;-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Another winner! I've been true to stash busting for 3 years now, but love to buy a few fat quarters here and there to give me a little boost! I know what you mean about using your older fabrics - but for some reason, I am always amazed at how little fabric a quilt actually takes - I always have more left! Cheers! Evelyn

Chrissie said...

Hey, kiddo! I love the pink and green! Having trouble using up your stash? cut large squares and sew them up for the backs of your quilts! just an idea! love you!

Darlene said...

Love the quilt!!! I think pink and green look so good together.

Laura said...

Very pretty! I love that color combination.

Shasta said...

As quickly as you've gotten both your tops pieced, your stash turnover is much higher than mine. I am still working on my doll quilt, and don't have any finishes yet this year.