Friday, May 07, 2010

Full Term

I've officially reached 37 weeks... the baby is safe to come any time, but I'm not ready! ;) The due date is May 27th - which is the same day as graduation at the high school Usually that means I don't see Chris at all. Plus this year his baby sister is going to be graduating. Bad day to go into labor.

Then Chris needs to go in on the 28th to turn in his keys and clear out any stuff from his classroom. So I've been ordering the baby not to appear before the 29th. ;) Thankfully it's listening so far, I haven't had a single Braxton-Hicks contraction or feel like the baby's dropped.

The baby actually has a lot of room still, only a handful of times has it actually kicked near my ribs. I have no trouble breathing still, so it's staying clear of my lungs too. Not exactly like I'm trying to run marathons either. In this picture, I'm totally sucking my tummy in. :P

It makes me look bustier! :D I managed to break 2 bras in 2 weeks. One's underwire snapped in half. The other bra's underwire popped through the fabric and tried to take my arm off. I was so annoyed about that. So I caved and bought 2 new bras and had to go up in a cup size. I still haven't bought any nursing bras either - I told you I wasn't ready for the baby to come! :P

Then I like to tell Chris my volcano story.

"See my belly button? It's the top of the volcano. And it exploded and all the red ripples are hot lava trickling down my tummy..." But I actually stopped feeling like I was splitting into two once I took up my aunt's suggestion of rubbing Vitamin E oil on my tummy.

Chris is going to be hauling me around tomorrow to get the last minute baby stuff we need. Like a tarp for the birthing pool, a hose to fill it up, 2 gallon ziplock baggies, and more stuff that I can't remember. My brain is a sieve these days. :)



Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow..I can't believe it is almost time. It doesn't seem that long ago that you announced your pregnancy.

Shame about the bras..I've had that too, when the wire pokes through..ouch. You might find the non-wire ones more durable and comfortable (not to mention are suppose to be better for you if you plan to breast feed)

Hope all works out with the baby arrival and the school plans. Being that it is your first, you might get away with it, but then as my m-i-l says, "babies comes when babies are ready" And your plans might be scuppered! :o)

Chrissie said...

You sure look like the baby's getting ready! :) lookin' good, kiddo! hugs! Oh! and happy Mother's day!!! :)

gamawinkie said...

you are looking great! thanks for sharing your photos.

are you planning to deliver at home?

Laura said...

It seems like you just announced you were pregnant! The time sure has gone fast. Glad you have made it to safe delivery time with no problems.

bingo~bonnie said...

Leah, I was going thru some things recently and came across a FANTASTIC, BEST INFORMATIVE little pamphlet booklet style book on breastfeeding (many pages of great info) and have often thought - they should give these out to expecting mothers - not wait until after the baby comes - b/c most likely it gets set aside and misplaced the first few weeks when you really need it...

if you will email me your mailing addy - I'd love to give it to you. I'm sure you will get your own info - but this one in my opinion is a must have... you look awesome by the way ;) and congrats on your new machine! ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

bingo~bonnie said...

PS - I'm not sure what size you are... but I found that Melinda G Nursing Bras were the only ones I could buy to fit me - and wow were they fantastic!!!

Mama Koch said...

I wore a t-shirt bra-the nursing bras were expensive and never fit right.
I used gallons of Vitamin E can buy it at Dollar General. A dermatologist even recommended it for stretch marks and after THREE births I have NONE!