Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baby Life

This would sum up the events of the past week: baby fluids. :)

Some major spit-ups; several pee-on-mom incidents; a couple quilts mucked up with poop; and the carpet has received all three. :P

Thankfully he's cute most of the time, and we'll keep him. ;)

Chris and Caleb on Father's Day.

Me cuddling with Caleb.

Not too much later, he let out his biggest spit up yet. Covered him, my shirt and pants, the couch (so grateful that it's leather! Easy wipe up) and the carpet. I scared Chris pretty badly with my shriek. :P

We're getting really good at one-handed typing!

I like to make fun of Caleb when he sleeps with his mouth open and I'll mimic him.

I also tried to brush his hair into a mohawk.

Poor kid, but he won't remember any of this. ;)



cindyquiltsOR said...

You all look so happy.

Spit happens (as well as the rest) .. but not forever. Buy stock in the Oxy-Clean stuff! I get into all sorts of stuff and it works for me.

Best Wishes!
Cindy B.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sounds like a normal household with a new baby!! Love that last pic..what a cutie!

Jeanne said...

Definitely a cutie! What'a a little poop and spit-up compared to having that bundle in your arms? :-)

Sarah said...

What a beautiful little boy you have!

gamawinkie said...

Dad looks like a natural!

scraphappy said...

Oh how well I remember the days of never ending poo, pee and spit up. My youngest daughter once managed to hit the wall during a diaper change. We took pictures of course. What else can you do but laugh and enjoy it all before it is gone.