Friday, July 30, 2010


Time flies, and yet there's not enough time to do all the things I think of. Then I gotta multi-task.

At that moment, I had a load of laundry going, was keeping an eye on Caleb and trying to sew down the binding on the quilt. Very slow going, I've only done one side so far

But all Caleb has to do is give smiles and you can quickly forget a lot of stuff. ;)



Suze said...

Oh Leah welcome to the world of parenthood. All these years later I still multitask. My last task most evenings is to fill the washer so that I have a load waiting as soon as I am dressed the next morning. I bless delay start.

Caleb is splendid.

Chrissie said...

sweet pic! I don't have kids, and multitask all the time! I love it when I save myself time and steps! :) now that I bbsit, it's even moreso! though in my haste, many things have gotten broken! ahhh! :)
love ya! love that baby!

gamawinkie said...

multi-tasking will help you when he gets older and requires more out of you...this is your "breaking in" period :)