Friday, April 08, 2011

Am I a quilter any more?

That's that question that gets tossed around my brain these days: am I a quilter any more? I feel more of a poser than a quilter these days. I buy fabric, look at patterns, talk quilt... but where are the quilts?

After a few weeks of thinking about it, I realize I DO want to be a quilter. I've asked my husband for help, help me find time to quilt. It's not easy with baby Caleb around. Quilting will be done in stolen moments, but I do want to put some valid effort towards it everyday. I miss quilting.

I did go to my guild's quilt show in February. Not a lot of quilts stood out to me... but I had Caleb with me and needed to hurry because he was fussy.
And getting in the way. ;) I did manage to buy a few extra minutes by letting him nom on the camera.

Something that really helped the general flow of the household was giving up my sewing room. Yeah... it's Caleb's room now. Out went the two sewing tables, cutting table and computer table. In went Caleb's crib, toys and a twin mattress.
The mattress was supposed to be for me, so I can sleep and nurse Caleb as needed in the middle of the night. Well... he's taken to the twin mattress MUCH better than the crib, it's pretty much his bed now. He's napping there right now. :)

Cribs make good places to stack quilts, right?

But yes... I finally have my first finished quilt of the year.
Meander quilting with loops and stars. I sure started using my quilts more after Caleb was born.

Caleb might be a handful these days...
...but he can be pretty cute too. :)



Deputy's Wife said...

How I remember those days. Quilting late at night or early in the morning... anything to get some quilting time in. It will get better, I promise. Before you know it Caleb will be wanting to sew right along with you. (I have a second machine set up for when the boys feel like sewing. And yes, they all sew!)

Churn Dash said...

I remember those days, going to the quilt show with my son in a backpack, tiring but inspiring. He is now 18 and I can look back over the years - sewing when I could, now sewing when I want. Time flies.

Sarah said...

His bangs are so cute!!! LOL

lahancock27 said...

Wow, that is a beautiful quilt. You are very talented. I've bought fabric to make my new niece a quilt. I love the fabrics. But I understand the time constraint thing. It will get better though.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Awww, he is growing up so big! I don't think I sewed any quilts (except a mini table runner) the 1st 2 years of my sons life. That is ok! When you are ready to get back into it - you will have the patterns, fabrics & ideas. No worries! Oh - and one thing that helped me - I bought a toolbox and padlock - and kept my sharp scissors, rotary cutters, etc. locked up! Cheers! Evelyn

katie z. said...

as a broken record... yes, it will get better. I had to make a deal with my husband that I got 15 minutes a day to quilt, and it didn't matter if my daughter tried to pull the "I'm starving" card, as I would feed her right before I went to have my break. Now, three kids later, it still is dicey when I will have time!

My 1-year-old sleeps on a futon mattress that was supposed to be for me to nurse him as well, but he woke up on hitting the crib mattress, but doesn't budge when I lay him down on the futon mattress (on the floor, of course).

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

He is precious! When my son was that age I purchased a LOCKING toolbox from Sears and a number combination padlock. I put all my rotary cutters, scissors, pins, needles, (sharp stuff), etc. in there and kept it locked! Used my birthday as the combo so Mommy Brain would not forget! This box came in especially helpful as he got older and could use scissors himself (yikes!). Cheers! Evelyn

Wendy McClelland said...

Leah - don't worry - you will find time to quilt again. I will simply echo what the other moms have said - grab a few minutes here and there when your child is small and do projects that can be done quickly and give you a sense of accomplishment.
As the saying goes 'they grow up so fast' and it's true. Just enjoy loving and laughing with him now.

Valerie said...

Lol* Try quilting with THREE kids! ;) It's tough, but if you love something you will find the time to do it. I have been a stay at home Mom for nearly ten years and finding time yourself only gets more difficult, believe it or not, as your children grow and become active in school and sports. But it is is the only sanity I receive in a life that is truly chaotic! :)