Sunday, December 18, 2005

First Scrappy

My very first scrappy quilt. I got the design from the book "Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts". I think that's the very first quilting book I have bought for myself. I borrowed a bunch from the library and completely fell in love with Patricia Wilken's book. And oh, how small my stash was then!

It ended up going to an Aunt and Uncle that were a GREAT help at my wedding, especially with the rehearsal food. The aunt reported back that her months old granddaugher just loved looking at the colors. It always makes me happy to hear that my quilts are being used and out and about in the house. So what if the baby spits up on it? Toss it in the washer and give it back to her when you're done. I don't care, I'd rather have a quilt be used, even with a little abuse, than stashed away on some high shelf where nobody can enjoy it.

I wonder if somehow scrappy quilts encourage people to use them. They look so easy-going and comfortable. Not all white and pristine and "oh no! I breathed too hard on it!" No, I ask anybody who gets a quilt from me to USE IT! That's the biggest way to say "thanks" to me, by actually using the quilt. Then I know it's loved, that you're happy with it and you find comfort and warmth in it. :)

I have seem to come down with some sore throat and coughing. I'm trying to finish up 5 blocks right now for a monthly swap I'm in. I took some Tylenol nighttime cough syrup. Bleh! Nasty stuff. I wonder if sewing machines qualify as "heavy machinery". Well, I did tell my husband that if I tipped forward on my machine, the off button is on the lower right side. :)

Leah S


Nines said...

This quilt is a showcase of fabric. very nicely done. I also insist that quilts be used- they are so very tactile- a pity to not touch them. I once saw a quilt I had made- in a clear rubbermaid tub- never used for 6 years. I am still very sad about that. And that'll be the last one she gets, eh? Maybe a gift certificate next time. She said it was too nice to use- might get spoiled. Saving it for grandkids, I suppose. But the use of them is what embues it with true value and grace. What joy or pleasure are they bestowing in that rubbermaid tub? My best to you!

The Calico Cat said...

Love that scrappy quilt!

Sarah said...

Leah -

I read through your entire blog today and really enjoyed it. I am one of the Mavericks from over on Bonnie's webring. Nina pointed me in your direction. I love all your quilts. Can't wait to see the purple pineapple finished. I am addicted to that pattern. Have already made a "coffee" one for my hubby and am planning a pink one for a friend's little girl.

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!


Finn said...

What a great scrappy quilt..YOU DUN GOOD!!!And 3 cheers for it being compliment possible..*VBS*