Saturday, December 24, 2005

Green and Purple... again!

This started out as a Leaders and Enders project, using 2" squares of green and purple... leftover from the Star Log Cabin and some more added in.

The blocks measure 12" finished and I had the crazy idea that there should be matching 6" blocks in the corner. Yes, crazy me. :)

I have had a few people comment that they have never seen this type of pattern of spools before. I have been calling it Scrappy Spools. If you look closely, the purple sashing fabric is of Sewing Sues - couldn't be more fitting! :)

I love this pattern so much that I've done it again - the all purple one went to somebody that will put them in a Love Quilt. (The color is off a little... I accidently lightened it up too much. :P)

The blue and yellow one went to a lady who got a "block shower" because she already had a love quilt and her mom that was ill also had a love quilt... what to do, but shower her in blocks of her favorite color.

Since I have a bunch of purple and green HSTs and 4-patches left, I'm thinking I'm gonna do spools again... but with a little twist. I'm not going to use any more white filler pieces, but create a secondary spool that will only make sense when 4 blocks are joined together. See? I'm probably not making sense, and now I'm gonna have to actually do it so you know what I mean. :)

Hope you all have a nice Christmas and you get what you really want. I am hoping for JoAnn gift cards, the WonderCut Ruler and especially the fabric dye starter kit from Dharma Trading. I really hope I get it!! :)



Nancy said...

Oooooh, I LOVE this quilt! I've been looking for a good leader/ender project and I think this is it! I hope you don't mind I linked to your blog from mine so I an easily visit again to see what you're working on.

The Calico Cat said...

What a cool block - I too had never seen it.... Ilike the idea of the seconday pattern. Can't wait to see it! (So don't wait until you get a whole quilts worth of blocks!)

trish said...

Leah, I just found your blog, and I LOVE purple and green! And this spool block is great. I read up on Bonnie's leaders-enders technique based on your post, and I may just have to try it out on some spool blocks. But I want to see the secondary pattern you mentioned, so like Calico Cat said, share that as soon as you get some worked out!!